Thursday, 5 March 2009

A Stranger in a Strange Land

I feel as though I'm a stranger in a strange land.

I have a president who should be leading and simply talking to the public....yet has his chief White House Spokesman speaking out against various talk-show hosts.

I have senators and congressmen moving quickly on topics of legislation when they haven't read the whole document.

There are three car companies borrowing for survival ( least GM and Chrysler).....laterally billions involved....and today, GM admits they really doubt that they can survive, thus they can't pay back the money. I keep wondering what dope agreed to such a deal....and realize it was my congressmen and senators.

There are forty-two states in such dire financial order, that they must go to the federal government in some fashion and likely request bail-out money to survive....yet they won't cut their budgets or reorganize their pay plan or pension plan to gain strength for the future.

I see a guy who literally talked thousands and tens of thousands of upper middle-class folks into handing their money over to a non-FDIC CD fund....for two lousy percent more interest....and the money is gone.....completely gone.

I see some guy who didn't pay his taxes....granted the job of chief financial wizard for the administration.

I see some governor who tried to give or sell a senator seat away....then give it to some guy who said there were no deals involved in his selection....only to discover ten days later that there might have been some deals.

Then I see some some folks who claim that Americans have the right to cheap or affordable mortgages....and you have to save them by writing new rules....which basically cut the amount the dimwit has to pay but then instead of 30 years....he's now saddled with 38 years of paying off the house.

Then I see a bunch of folks sitting around and arguing over marriage to someone....literally anyone....either male or female or other.....and to make this legal so that 250-odd thousand people out of 350 million can get married real special. The curious thing is that by statistics....half of the 125,000 couple gay couples probably will be divorced within three years...mostly due to finding a new and better partner.

Then I have some survey today that says Alaska Governor Palin's looks coupled with McCain....likely triggered negative feelings amongst voters.

Then I have a bunch of people on some religious-like experience....talking about their Obama he was Jesus or Elvis.

Somewhere in this universe....some crack has developed....and we are likely getting into some kind of warp....where reality and non-reality are sparking against each other.