Friday, 6 March 2009

Just a Humble Opinion

The Gates decision over media coverage at Dover when servicemen’s bodies arrive came this week.

If the family approves….its covered. If not…..then no coverage. The media wasn’t completely happy, but then they have the chance to present their pitch and hope that one family will honor their request.

I spoke about this several weeks ago. I made the simple observation….if a news organization treated the event like Princess Di’s funeral….and avoided split screens where they wanted to toss up statistics or interview people while the clip proceeded….I felt it was in pretty bad taste. I was reminded of the BBC’s coverage of DI’s funeral where hardly anything was spoken by the announcer and you allowed the event to just unfold.

After watching CNN’s clip usage of coffins being unloaded at Dover….I felt it was in pretty poor taste and showed a tremendous lack of maturity. It was the behavior I’d expect out of 18-year old kids. They sat there showing the movement….and offering no solemn event…instead it was a chatty event and details of how badly the war was going. It was almost like some 3rd-rate propaganda event you’d expect in Havana.
So I’ll climb down from my soapbox for a minute…..but I’m already betting on poor use of clips and immature attitudes showing up.