Sunday, 8 March 2009

Why O Why Rush

For the past month....between the media and the White House....Rush Limbaugh now matters. I'm sitting here and shaking my head...wondering why anyone in the national news groups or the President of the US would give credence or points to bolster Rush Limbaugh?

There are more than enough news events to edge out Rush. We've got a national crisis in full swing with the the President and his team ought to be fairly busy. We've got lots of international events to keep busy each night reading over. So why O why...would they even bother with this Rush game?

I noticed yesterday that Rush's audience level in the past ten days....has jumped substantially, but you have to be careful how you read this. None of the real bean-countes want to get involved in this because the audience is so widespread and the show is delayed in a number of western areas. The experts say that they can't really get a decent picture of the national audience of Rush.

So why would the White House spokesman paint a pretty picture of Rush as a target and lead people....almost like a circus see some special act? This is the amusing part of the events going on presently. If you were a brand new team....leading the'd chat on your projects, your successes, and your future. You'd avoid giving any pep-talk for something of non-importance. The numbers that Rush has gain? All from the White House....almost intentionally.

You'd almost develop a mindset that the campaign has never ended....that this circus can only keep running if you have strong competition at the frontdoor....and its deliberate in hindering your success....which has yet to ever be shown as part of the grand act. They basically hint of being hand-cuffed from day one....and need that as part of the blame game involved.

So the honest truth.....Rush isn't that important and really not part of this entire game. The White House? They need to show some successes and get their car into first gear (which they have yet to demonstrate). Time is being wasted....but almost though we are already walking toward 2012 and the next election. So in essence....we are a society now craving elections....all day....all week....all month....and all year. We need elections to get peppy and hostile.

Frankly.....something is wrong here. But then if I were the White House....I'd blame Rush...just to get my points for today.