Monday, 9 March 2009

Just Another Gift Moment

I hate returning to the Gordon Brown gift episode....but I came to realize something about this stupid video DVD gift episode. All of the DVDs that you buy in the US or in BX's in Europe....are of one category. They run off the typical DVD player that you buy in the US. Amusingly enough....all of the DVDs that you buy in the UK, France or any other European country....runs a slightly different format, and requires a totally different DVD player.

The production companies did this on ensure that sales stayed in their region and limited people.

So the idiots in the White House....likely bought the US-only DVD collection....which does Gordon Brown no good. He has to be standing Number Ten Downing Street.....half laughing. He's tossed the DVDs into the waste bin and wondering what idiot of the Obama team planned this episode.

A Joke, Within a Joke

I sat there laughing from a video news clip I saw this weekend. Here was the impressive meeting between Hillary and the Russian representative while at some conference in Europe. Hillary's folks had worked up some gift deal...and they had their own state department translator involved....I had assumed. So here is the "talk":

HILLARY: I wanted to present you, represents what President Obama and Vice President Biden and I have been saying, and that is,'reset'...our...relationship. (camera shutters clicking) So we'll do it together. (witch cackle)

LAVROV: Thank you very much. (camera shutters clicking)

HILLARY: You're very welcome! We worked hard to get the right Russian word. Do you think we got it?

LAVROV: You got it wrong.

HILLARY: I've gotten it wrong? (laughter)

LAVROV: It should be "perezagruzka."

HILLARY: Ahhhhhhhh!

LAVROV: And this is says "peregruzka," means "overcharge."

HILLARY: (witch cackle) Well, won't let you do that to us, I promise! Yuk, yuk, yuk, yuh!

LAVROV: Okay. Thank you very much. (camera shutters clicking)

HILLARY: Thank you so much.

LAVROV: It's very kind of you. It will be on my desk.

I played this three hear this exchange....and you could just see this poor lady crashing with the joke being lost entirely. Was Hillary set up? don't make an error like that unless you have the worst translation department. But then....maybe the idiots just used BabelFish and did a online translation....rather than getting the real person to do this for you.

What's Putin thinking right now? He has to be laughing and rolling on the floor. Whatever he might have thought about the administration....just got flushed once or twice....and he can pretty much regard them as just 3rd rate players when compared to his own staff. He doesn't make mistakes like this. He fires people on the spot, if they allowed such a goof to occur.

The One

For about two weeks...I've been waiting for the comment...and then finally got it...via the most unlikely individual...Rev Jeremiah Wright.

"Barack's name ain't Jesus. Barack ain't gonna improve your child's reading score. There are things we've got to do on our own," he said.

Since November, there have been countless people...including media types....who've acted like the second coming is in progress. I thought after a week or'd be realized how stupid people were acting...but it carried on.

The gravity elevate someone to this enormous. You have to have people with no mind, no reality, and no jump to this kind of conclusion. They smile when they say little cute things on though they feel some kinda glow....but you can't see nothing and often wonder if they are doped up or sitting on a thumb-tack.

Last year, this topic came up when Obama visited Berlin and made the grand speech. Some people pulled out the old copies of Hitler's speeches and showed the women just falling over themselves. I sat there....wondering how exactly you'd fall into this state of mind. It didn't make any sense.

In six months...nothing much has changed. I think the same people are still in a trance. Its curious that Rev Wright is the one who is making this analysis now. To some degree...he used Obama and his talents to bulk up the Chicago religious image and the church there....but as things have shifted now....I'm thinking that the Rev realizes that he got pretty much used up in this deal....making an image for Obama.

So changes? No....don't count on it. People will be stuck for a long time.

Never Waste a Crisis

We got a good quote on Friday from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. She said: "never waste a good crisis."

I sat and pondered this moment of wisdom from Ms Clinton. There are other unwritten bits of wisdom that lay by the door...waiting to be used.

Never under appreciate a working septic tank.

You never know how much you miss a crazy, nutty, wacko, and absolutely mad mother-in-law, until she's six feet under.

A Chevy was never built to last a thousand years.

You've never been truly drunk until you wake up in a neighbor's yard, wearing only a towel, and you've got peanut butter all over face.

If you are sick enough to need Doctor have to be pretty damn sick.

If you weren't supposed to cast multiple votes at an election...they'd stop you.

Women in tube tops.....go unnoticed by blind men.

A perfect day means that you probably didn't go to work, you didn't see your husband all day, and you watched the QVC channel all day.

I sat and pondered over Hillary's comments, and those that I wrote. We often miss these gems each day as we wander around the planet and take in the thrills.