Sunday, 15 March 2009

The Ten Things Left

People always have this list.....the twenty things they want to do in life.....the fifty places they want to visit....the ten accomplishments they want....etc.

I walked and pondered over this idea today. I had an hour to waste....walking a circle around my weekly long walk.

I'm fifty, and done alot of things in my life. To be truthful.....I've probably only done half the things I dreamed about at age 20....and I have to admit that I didn't have a big long list of things to start with.

So whats left?

1. I'd like to drive a circle around the US.....starting on the east coast, heading northward to Seattle, down to San Diego, an then back to Charleston to end the drive. I've drawn this map a hundred times, and figure I'd need fourteen years to make this possible. Why? For the hell of it....and not much else. The odds of doing this....probably up near eighty least I'm still hoping.

2. I'd like to be drafted into a job at a school with a dozen punk 'losers'....and be tasked to teach them. There are problems in this....I'm not a certified teacher and thus a major speedbump exists here. My method of teaching....might violate a dozen normal standards. The odds of this happening? Less than five percent.

3. I'd like to take a year off and write three books. I already have the stories, the characters and chapters in my mind. I just haven't found the time to ever start on such an effort. The odds of me doing this? Maybe forty best.

4. I'd like to go and spend ten New York City. I'd probably write a 200 page book of my ten days in Gotham. I have that love-hate-fear of New York City.....which likely makes this possibility less than twenty percent of ever happening.

5. I'd like to be a character on "Lost". I'm not picky....I'd even be willing to be Uncle Gus, who was on the flight but got separated from group one and group two....and I've been sitting around the island for weeks....just grilling fish and playing with the wild polar bear I found on the island....who I named "Ben".

6. I'd like to be a ambassador for the US government....preferably to Tonga. I realize that I'd probably have to donate $200k for someone's re-election campaign...and I really don't have $200k to donate.....but I've had this as a dream fantasy.

7. I'd like to take a slow freighter....from Europe, to Hong Kong, and back. Nothing fancy....just a regular freighter of sorts.

8. I'd like to go and spend an entire month touring Scotland. Call it a drive or just a tour....but I'd like to see it from the prospective of a just a guy from Bama.

9. I'd like to learn a musical a banjo or guitar. I probably have no talent, but I've always had this yearning to be able to play something.

10. I'd like to find a simple a simple town....and listen to small-town woes.

That's my list.....and I doubt that more than two or three ever happen. One can hope though.

Just An Observation

I sat yesterday and watched over numerous comments concerning the Jon Stewart confrontation with the financial wizard Cramer.

While it was an interesting one-sided confrontation.....with Cramer was the aftermath where the media wizards ran to tell everyone that the 'experts' on the financial news channels and shows....mislead everyone. They showed clips....gave evidence.....and proudly proclaimed what was somewhat true. I made a couple of blogs about this two years ago....that the financial experts really weren't experts.

But after this spectator event, and the aftermath....I kinda wondered if the financial experts were alone. What about the media and newsmen? Were they just as incompetent? Haven't they mislead people with facts and stories which were bogus?

So when does Jon Stewart take them on? Well....hell might freeze before this happens. And the big worry I have....Jon might actually decide to take on political figures next.....which would destroy democracy as we know. Course, this might not be such a bad thing.

Just Thinking

It kinda bothers me. Some smart guys sat down over the past seven years and did some human research. This past week...they announced their results. After looking over 2,000 guys and gals....ages 18 to 60, and this is what they think....old age starts at 27. kidding.

These guys tossed visual puzzles, recall words and story details and spot patterns in letters and these folks. Top performance age? 22 years old. At that have peaked.

I should add....this is the University of Virginia...not some bogus organization like the National Idiots Academy or such.

Throughout most of these tests....memory started to decline from the average age of 37.

I sat and pondered over this. I'm fifty....which means that I've lost alot of my genius and brilliance....and remember....being from Bama, I only had "x" amount to start with. So this is pretty sad and tragic news. Then I started thinking...these guys who did the testing...likely went to average folks....who all drink booze, whiskey, beer and wine. Being a natural Bama-ite...and all those years in a dry county...I was able to avoid booze-destruction of my brain cells. I'm actually in a better position than these guys tested.

Then I started to think this testing garbage. For some reason, I've noticed that most folks over thirty years....really hate tests anyway. They don't want to tax themselves or push themselves. So when some idiot did come up and announce a test...I'm guessing that they didn't pay much attention....thus inviting wrong answers and a bad score.

So I came to this opinion that maybe all of this testing business might be null and void. The idea of peaking out at 27...might be totally wrong. Added to this...I then realized that Einstein's best years....were all after the age of fifty. Socrates's best thinking? All after the age of fifty.

So I feel better now....although I taxed my brain a heck of a lot....and need a shot of Jacky D's to relax now.