Thursday, 19 March 2009

Only a Curious Thing

This week, we learned an interesting thing. Even though he didn't say anything about it weeks ago...which you would expect....President Obama signed a deal to write some kind of kid's book....then got a $500k advance on the entire project....just fie days prior to taking office.

How did we learn this? The terms of the book deal were written into in a Senate financial disclosure report.....filed this week and probably accidentally found by some goofball with little else to do but read such boring reports.

The curious thing? The first time that they advanced him money to write a particular type of book....he couldn't write it. He ended up writing a biography of sorts....which wasn't what the book company wanted. Based on the speech used in both books that he's 'written'....its strictly speculated that he didn't write either. So, in this case...we can only assume that he's found his ghost writer somewhere, and is writing some book on how wonderful the White House is....and how we can all be part of some village.

Why would you not admit this contract? That's the last part of this curiosity. Transparency....would be something that you'd expect. If this were Clinton or Bush...there would be questions. Today? No one much in the media is saying a word.