Sunday, 29 March 2009

Feeling Guilt

I thought this was kinda interesting. In my case, I ought to be in the elevated guilt area....but then I pay German taxes, so I end up feeling mostly elevated entitlement, well...if I had enough Jacky D's to kill the pain.

The Woes of the Kwame

Months ago...I thought the Kwame Kilparick story out of Detroit was finally finshed. He admitted guilt in his corruption episode, agreed to a $1 million fine, and did a couple of months in jail. In the past's become apparent that the Kwame is not done yet.

Three weeks ago....after his prison term was done....Kwame got his life restarted. The plan? He's leaving for Texas and working as a salesman. But along the way...things have gotten a bit tangled up.

Kwame had the deal rigged up when signing up for the $1 million fine...that he'd pay $6k a month. I do you...that this kinda means 166 months of payments...a bit more than ten years of such payments. There are very people I know of....that would ask for such a payment plan. If they had millions stuck away...they would have pulled out half a million and paid the rest over a year or two. This guy wasn't that type....but then you have to wonder what type he really is?

A legal event occurred this week in Detroit....Kwame wants to pay $6 a month....not $6,000. At this rate....he would have to live well over 300 pay the entire amount back.

When I originally read this....I started laughing. With anyone would have been a joke. But with Kwame.....its actually expected.

Added to this legal episode going on to decrease it to $6 a month....Kwame's attorney.....Michael Alan Schwartz wants the judge assigned to the episode.....kicked off.

Based on whats been said....Kwame is working for a company called....Compuware...who pays the Kwame around $10,000 a month. $120k a year....for the services of Kwame? That's an amazing amount of salary.

So then you have to add up Kwame's expenses...which come before paying the fine back. Kwarme is paying $2,700 a month on rent. He pays $900 to lease a new Cadillac Escalade. When you count in food, power, gas, insurance, healthcare, clothing, kid's allowances, and such....his living cost comes to $9,994, which means he can only afford to pay Detroit back to a tune of $6 a month.

Based on comments on several forums where Detroit residents post comments...they are pretty irked about this guy's living style. In Detroit....he'd be in a $80k house and paying $800 a month on rent or such. A $120k salary? In Detroit....if you were'd be making $35k and counting your blessings.

My suspicion is that Kwame will push this to the limit for six months. At some point....a new judge will be assigned the case, and he will lower the amount of the monthly amount to $3,000....then absolutely demand that Kwame start paying. Kwame will stall for a month...then find new legal proceedings against him and his paycheck. He'll finally agree to the $3k. The funny'll take well over 300 months to pay this back. Kwame will be 70 years old and still paying.

The Simple Story of Helga

There is this Austrian gal....who we will name Helga.

Helga is a practical woman. Helga likely drinks a beer each evening with her meal. She dresses like an ordinary gal....nothing really special. She's likely vacationed a couple of times in Italy, Spain and the Netherlands. She's likely a couple of pounds over her ideal weight. She probably takes cake over and visits Grandma once a week. She tidies up the house and sends the kids off the school each morning with a apple neatly tucked into their bags. She probably dresses up in the evening as "Nurse Nancy" to excite her husband Huns.

Helga works hard over at the local q-tip manufacture company Greiner Bio-One International AG. She's not exactly paid alot....and feels lucky to have made a decent pay situation for the past fifteen-odd years. She puts on a plain uniform garment each day and stacks up the cotton swabs they manufacture.

So all in'd think of Helga as just an average gal. You'd really like to.

There is this problem though....the Germans had a 400k Euro reward on Helga's head. She of the most vicious killers on the face this earth. would have liked to believe this.

You see....there was this little DNA problem. Fourteen-odd years ago....came the first murder, and the cops collected DNA there at the site....and there was a swab turned in.....which identified a set of DNA. A year or two later....another murder....another swab with connecting DNA at the site.

Last year.....a terrible murder of a police officer here in Germany in a parking garage......and the swab collected pointed to this same killer.

The cops by this point had started calling the murderer the "Phantom". Papers attached themselves to the story.....and everyone was excited. If you could just catch this would close around twenty potential murders.

So something came up this year with a dead guy who was unidentified. They collected DNA....and suddenly it matched the Phantom. For about a day....everyone was excited. But then they started questioning alot of things. They eventually looked at the q-tips. They were contaminated. the company rightfully claims now....there are two tips of for ears and regular stuff.....and one for DNA collection. These that they sell...are for regular stuff.

So the cops are standing there.....looking like fools. They had all kinds of murders and crimes sitting there....tied to the Phantom....and now? Just a bunch of separate murders.

Then we have Helga....who is sitting there and probably wondering....if she had ever traveled and they had ever stopped her for any reason and required DNA collection....she would have been arrested and likely labeled a cold-blooded killer for several days until the whole episode was untangled.

It is a fascinating story.....worth making into a movie. There are murders, robberies, crimes, and police involved.....and one lady who quietly goes to work each day as the prime suspect.