Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Going on the Limb: 9-11.2

I'm likely going out on the limb.....but I'm prepared to forecast 9-11.2 (event number two) at present...in the not-to-likely future.

Timing is of not part of my forecast, but I'm likely to say it'll happen in 2009....for various reasons.

The event? My prediction is DC.....littered with car bombs....an easy choice for these Jihad dudes to drive in....set up and leave. To impress people with the 9-11.1 scale....I would guess dozens upon dozens of such situations in a short time frame.

What transpires after this is the beef of my blog.....the five after-events.

First, the blame of this episode will go just as far as the previous episode.....and the Homeland Security crowd will likely demand more powers and more control. If you ask the majority of these people right now today.....they will say they have sufficient power.....but after the event.....nothing will be enough in their mind. So the civil freedom crowd will be disgusted to no end over this event.

Second, whatever safety that Mrs Obama felt from day one.....is gone. She will question the safety of DC, and the effect on her kids. I would seriously doubt that she travels far without them on a typical day....from that point on. Every speech will be local.....unless she drags the kids along with her.

Third, between the economy and this event.....it'll prove to be a difficult time for the President. His speeches will have to be more "threat-like".....which he has trouble in getting across. I have problems in saying any defense cutbacks accomplished in such a period....which currently are forecasted. Any chance to getting neutral or pro-US Muslim feelings accomplished.....will be pretty much finished off.

Fourth, American feelings over safety will go into turbo-charge mood. It won't matter if its Muslims or Mexican gangs or just plain vanilla crime.....there will be a huge expectation over fixing our problems.....from the border to our streets. The number of cops go up....the amount of intelligence gathered within our borders will go up.....and the number of people on suspect lists will go up.

Fifth and final, someone will finally come and ask why we don't venture into Pakistan to hunt for bin Laden. Whatever remaining pressure is required.....will be pushed and achieved. It may end up being a nasty mess in the end.....but it was what should have been done in 2004.

It is a forecast that I would prefer not to make....but for various reasons....with events in Pakistan, India and across the globe....I think things are headed in a drastic direction.

NASCAR: Without GM?

Normally, as I drive home from work on the autobahn...my mind wanders...alot. At some point, it was like a meteor came and struck me in the midst of the drive. With all the crap going on with GM, Ford and Chrysler, and the President being the savior or killer (depending on your car affiliation)....things are about to get tossed into the twilight zone.

Suddenly, it hit me.....what of NASCAR? What if Ford is the only American-made real car left at the end of this mess? Could NASCAR continue on? Could we survive with only Fords on the NASCAR tracks?

Tears almost flowed at this point, as I suddenly had this vision of NASCAR disappearing overnight. What if there were no Chevy's or Pontiac's? What if Chargers were completely wiped out?

An entire generation of American could watch their hopes and dreams fall away......because the idiots at Chrysler and GM were too stupid to run their companies in the first place.

I paused over this dilemma. You just can't run NASCAR with Ford only. Could we bring in the Germans with their Audi's or the Japanese with their Toyotas? Its hard to envision something like this.

So here in the midst of our recession....with bankers and senators crying in DC over bailouts and bonuses.....we are likely at the next big problem...NASCAR. Will Katie Couric cover it? Will the FNC dudes speak out on this issue? Will Comedy Central give the right hype? Only time will tell.