Sunday, 12 April 2009

Just Be Patient

There's an article off Fox....regarding the wait time at Emergency Rooms. After reading the whole thing....I started laughing. I would have agreed, except its more than 45 minutes waiting....more than an hour....and probably more than 90 minutes.

I've personally been to the Emergency Room around six times in my life. Twice for myself, and the rest for family members. On one of my trips (a 9AM trip on a weekday)....I actually got seen within 90 seconds after arriving (a severely broke finger, at the base hospital). Visit number poisoning...took around 90 minutes.

I had to take my son to an emergency room with a high fever (102.5), on a Saturday a US military Emergency Room. It took almost two hours to get up to the front of the line (the broke beer bottle dudes, the fight concussions, the knife wounds, etc....all came before me). I walked into one Emergency Room once....with around sixteen people sitting there (Saturday afternoon)....and most had sports injuries.

This past month in the of the junior NCO's showed up at the Emergency Room....with his son who had a huge fever.....and it was around two and a half hours before they got seen (again....a Friday night 11PM episode).

As I've learned from this entire mess.....people now utilize Emergency Rooms for just about any ailment, and half ought to wait till the next day and just see a regular doctor under better circumstances. I've also learned that Friday and Saturday night....from 9PM to 3AM....are probably the worst possible time to have a heart attack or major problem.

For those of you in a dire health situation....and on the way to the Emergency advice is to pick up a magazine or two on the way there....maybe a cocktail or two....and bring along season three of Battlestar to watch while you wait.

Progressive Churches

This past week, I pulled up a clip....sadly....from CNN and their coverage. I guess this came up on's a show called "No Bias, No Bull".

So here is Roland Martin as the moderator of the show....trying carry this heavyweight concept of being a “progressive Christian”. I kinda sat there a while trying to figure out what the heck they meant. After about twenty minutes...the best that I can say is that there were "experts" trying to say that you could be a Democrat and be a Christian...which I kinda laughed about.

They wanted everyone to know that God was there, you could attend services somewhere, and NOT be a be a die-hard conservative.

The neat thing that Roland order to prove his point on this one-hour show (I didn't go past the 30 minute point)...was to feature religious conservative. I checked on forums, and people who watched the whole damn show....said the same thing.

Roland attempted to carry this debate on....with this comment: “I’m an evangelical, but I think the faith should focus on more than just abortion and whether marriage should just be between a man and a woman. As police brutality, poverty, funding inequality in our schools, the high infant mortality rate in our inner cities -- they’re all issues that I, as a Christian, care about, but they rarely top the religious right’s agenda.”

Actually...if he had just said that you could be a Democrat and a Christian...the whole topic could have been proven and complete in less than eight minutes. But that wasn't his debate. He wanted far-left liberals to have opportunities in the Christian life as well.

I have to agree with Roland. You know....there are hundreds of far-left wing causes of a political nature, and there is no reason why a far-left liberal guy can't find some Christian group of such a nature. Naturally, it might be necessary to remove about 90 percent of the pages in the might have to redefined Christan faith a bit. You might have to just let people show up and say whatever they desire at a service. But there ought to be a place of worship for these poor people as well.

I grew up in a Baptist community. The majority would have confessed of their sins as being Democrat, and proud of it. They might vote nationally in a slightly different way (like Ronald Reagan or George Bush)...but they are Democrats at heart.

The problem I see with this politicization of the that you start bending alot of different fit your environment. To say Jesus was a Democrat or a Republican....probably takes an awful lot of icing off the cake. I'd rather see it the opposite show up for a dose of morals on Sunday....and maybe a little bit of verbal amusement...then head home to eat some fried chicken, and catch a Cowboys game in the afternoon.

What makes this whole debate that CNN put it up to discuss...trying to convince people it was a worthy topic. CNN is becoming like Teletubbies....some kind of mindless discussion that leads to another mindless discussion...that leads onto another mindless discussion.

Some dopes will show up at the water fountain tomorrow....or at their church this weekend...and try to explain why Roland was so 'right', and that we need a more progressive church. Their associate listening to this....will likely ask them what progressive feeling Jesus had on the cross (this being Easter)....and how this political argument fits. I'm pretty sure the guy who brought this up...will kinda fade at that point.