Sunday, 19 April 2009

The Fix for the Right-wing Extremist Problem

After reviewing the flare-up over vet's and their potential to fall into a right-wing pit....with the Homeland Security folks and their department chief in full apolgy (yet she hasn't retracted the report, did you notice that?)...I've come to the mind that we need more analysis and more reports.

So I think I want to offer up my own report.....Centralist Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment. Basically, I'm ready to prove that the problem of radical exists not only with left-wing and right-wing...but also centralist-wing. This kinda means that you...the typical individual that reads one paper per day, the CNN nightly round-up, Time, Newsweek, and a dozen blogs or sites on the internet...could fall into the hands of centralist-extremists.

Its shows like Colbert-Nation and newsmen like Jon Stewart...who are doping up your mind and making you an extremist of sorts. You sit and sip Dr Pepper...snacking on cheese crackers at 11PM...reading over financial reports from Brazil, or gazing at blogs from farmers in Kansas, or reading cult magazines like Mother Earth. This is a sure path to hell or centralist-extremism.

What should the Homeland Security folks be looking for?
- Individuals who watches Dancing with the Stars religiously.
- Guys who've seen every episode of Jerry Springer's show.
- Women who buy from eight to twelve grocery stores per week to find the best deal.
- Younger men who view ESPN instead of porn sites at night.
- People who attend church regularly.
- Individuals who admit they haven't voted in any election in sixteen years.
- Ladies who wear tube-tops every Saturday as they shop.
- Men who bowl on Thursday nights and then pretend to be drunk when they come home but aren't really drunk.
- Couples who hang out at local bars together.

The centralist-extremists will eventually become a major may take 150 years...but mark my word...they are an eventual threat. We need to carefully watch them.