Friday, 24 April 2009

The Lord has Spoken

There was to be a discussion today....between the United Kingdom's best debater alive.....Lord Christopher Monckton....former science adviser to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher....and VP Congress.

The topic? Global warming. They were to be rigged into a joint appearance at the House Energy and Commerce hearing.

At the last Lord Monckton was landing...this jointness was turned off.

He was not to be in the room at the same time with Al Gore.

The Lord's comments?

“The House Democrats don't want Gore humiliated, so they slammed the door of the Capitol in my face. They are cowards.”

I sat there for a minute or two...unable to read on. This was the Hulk saying enough was enough, then clobbering me....or Batman saying that he just wasn't finished kicking my ass....or Godzilla winking at you at the last moment before he was supposed to die, and you knew that he was breathing a second life.

The Lord was right....cowards be these men of the House. They had absolute fear in putting Al Gore in front of a real debate.

You see, Al can't debate his fictional truth. Al has the cards dealt to the poker players in a certain fashion. They can't be dealt in any other fashion.

So we missed the main match....kinda like having Elvis and Buddy Holly on the stage at the same time and deciding who could really sing (Buddy).

How to be a Rich Professor

At some point, about four years ago at the Teachers College of Colombia University in New York....this gal Madonna Constantine came to light. At some point around 2005, there were several accusations of Madonna using quotes and data from professionally written papers without attribution (a serious discrepancy, if you are a professional). As time went by, the school finally decided to start a investigation. I would imagine that she knew for months that this would play out sooner or later.

The thing is...if you are a tenured professor....pulling in the big cash with a big name university, and you suddenly get to be wagon train has come and gone. If lucky, you can restart with some community college...back at the $50k per year level. It’s a serious drop.

At some point, then came the “noose” episode. Naturally, being black and a “systematically targeted” individual....this quickly became a major episode. Then came the suspension and the firing in June of 2008 because of the plagiarism allegations.

As the cops surveyed this whole noose episode.....based on witnesses in the building....the only person who could have placed it in the area....was Ms. Constantine. This probably didn’t help matters.

This week, Ms. Constantine came back out of the shadows and started a $200 million lawsuit. Not one to settle back and just accept fate....she now expects to be cleared of the plagiarism charges and given back her tenure.

This education stuff is a pretty neat trade. You get in with some just keep working and barely teaching classes, and then one can retire and clear $80k a year in retirement from a big-name college.