Saturday, 2 May 2009

My Suggestion for Supreme Court Judge

To replace the oddball Soutier on the Supreme Court.....I'll make the following suggestion. It should be a midget female Latino, five-times married, who grew up in a circus family in St Louis, with a degree in law, who was a practicing Catholic then switched to being a practicing Baptist then a practicing Druid, who wears strictly black clothing normally, who can dance the flamingo once in a while, who speaks five languages and English barely, who once replaced a septic tank on her own, who shot two Republicans accidentally in a bar once, who speaks Latin but only in the right company, who can swear amongst her peers, who approves of gay marriage & non-gay marriage, who has mostly inhaled mary-j-u-wanna but might have done more because she woke up the next in a corn field in Iowa, who owns a GM and a Chrysler, who has forty-four Democrats linked to her on the Facebook account, who personally knows Hillary Clinton, who drinks fruit juices mostly (with a lot of Rum mixed in), and who currently lives in Red Bay, Bama.

I realize this might be a tough requirement and it might take three or four years to find this gal, and then talk her into a full-time occupation in DC. Then we might have trouble with her history on most other Obama candidates for position.

The Underwear Discount

I typically leave my German comments on my other Blog....but today is special.

As some of you know...we've had this car discount deal in Germany for three months now. You take your old junker (must be nine years old) over to the junkyard and have it crushed....and you get $3500 to spend on an German-made car. You must have owned the car for 12 months, and you get only one of these deals in your name (course, your wife could do the same thing if she wanted to).

So this underwear company in Germany decided to do the same deal. You bring in a old pair of underwear, and get a $7 discount on new underwear. With this campaign, came a poster....such as you see above. Naturally, they used all seven of the big political players in Germany for the poster....painted....and in their underwear. In fact, downtown Berlin....on a 300 foot square poster....they have it in full view.

Strangely enough....Merkel is saying nothing on the painting. I suspect she is more than pleased on the shape that they gave her. And Guido? He's probably grinning from ear to ear....asking for a 6 foot by 6 foot copy of the poster.

Could a poster like this be done in America? No. Simply no. We got better things to do than put guys like Arlen Specter, Harry Reid or President Obama on some underwear poster. Well....we ought to have better things to do.


I spent all of yesterday at the Maimarkt in Mannheim. It involves walking....lots of walking. Over five hours...I probably walked easily five miles.

By the end of the day, I came to realize that almost one percent of the women there...between eighteen and sixty....were in high heels. I'm talking three to four inch heels.

Naturally, I'm from Bama and I notice things like this. So it got me to analyzing and wondering. How could a mere mortal gal....walk five miles over a day....on concrete and four-inch heels? And the bigger question...why even do such a thing?

I admit....most all of them were with trophy boyfriends or husbands. Most of the women dressed like Ms Tuscumbia Slut of 2005. Most were wearing lipstick that came out of a five-gallon bucket. The temperatures were in the low eighties but still, it was fairly hot. And most were swiveling their rear enough to lose six pounds of water in a hot afternoon.

Nothing about this makes sense. But maybe I'm missing the point....and maybe I'm too observent.

Just Something to Read

Al Qaeda has a new publication out, in English, fancy, with a neat cover.

In fact...a number of folks have viewed the magazine and believe it to be a recruiting tool to bring Americans to Islam, and then later onto Al Qaeda. I say a number of folks, and really....I mean probably about forty different journalists. Since most big-name journalists work for failing newspapers....I can't say that this really means much.

If you gaze across the US public...and look fantastic numbers with any 'weird' religions....they barely cover two percent of the 300 million Americans. The odds of converting even 10,000 Americans? If you gave them ten years....maybe. But it'd be a long ten years.

Even if you came into Bama....and tried real might be lucky if you could convert a dozen people over ten years to Islam.

The amusing thing is that the magazine flashy and features mostly younger looking guys. None of these dopey 60-year old Mullahs or the women behind the burkhas. Its almost a designer magazine for sharp looking 20-year old Middle Eastern guys. In fact, after a while....sitting there and pondering....I started to think this could easily be a CIA-sponsored magazine because it really doesn't look typical Jihad. Course, I have to be wrong....but it's not meeting my traditional view.

So the next time you go over to the dentist office or the doctor's waiting room....look around and see if they have a copy. If not....ask the Doc to sign'd like to view a free copy before you waste your money on a subscription.

Supreme Court American Idol

I don't intend to comment too much on this Supreme Court stuff going on. This will be a 60-day episode that promises to be a three-ring circus.

By the time you filter it down to a Democratic Judge, in their forties, probably female, with all the right decisions, and a clean tax'll be a short list of two or three possible people. And even then....there will be something in the closet that the Obama team overlooked as we walk into the Senate discussion.

On the positive side...we are now promised a great June and July...with the Senators in full swing. The CSP*N crowd will be hinged to every single comment and word....wasting at least six hours a day on the event. The media will spend days discussing who this gal is and why she is so perfect. In the end, this will prove to bigger and better than even American Idol....except the public doesn't get to vote for the winner.