Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Toys in the Stimulus Package

Over in Harris County, Texas....around Houston....the boys got excited there for a while. With the hot stimulus package working up its stuff.....there were going to get around $6.6 million to lease and operate a police helicopter.

After this whole thing came out....the Sheriff....Adrian Garcia....sat down and really had to get serious because folks were asking questions now. And to be kinda honest....I'm guessing that Adrian never thought in a thousand years that these idiots in DC would give him $6.6 million. But they did.

So with real pressure on them....they now say that they can do this with $1.7 million instead. So they don't need the rest of this stimulus.

The thing is....with the newspaper now asking more questions....folks have begun to discover that there really isn't much of a plan on how to use the chopper.

I'm guessing the deputies were sitting around and just asking what toy should they ask for and then chopper came up. How does this kind of thing get to be labeled as stimulus? That's the one question that no one can really answer...sadly.