Saturday, 9 May 2009

Pure Absolute Hate

I can't make this stuff up:

Maryland granted a new safeguard to its most downtrodden residents Thursday, becoming the first state in the nation to extend hate-crimes protection to homeless people.
This came from the LA Times. I believe its a first....homeless dudes....being this special.

Any day now....hunters, crazy people from Red Bay, trailer trash women from Arkansas, school bus drivers, septic tank repair folks, doped up punks from Dallas, SUV drivers, pig farmers, and maybe even folks with bad hair cuts....will all be classed into the hate-crimes group and protected.

Eventually, we'll agree that crime in a hate crime to start with.


Yesterday....the White House had a meeting with the "big" industry players. Apparently, the White House is thinking about this great idea....recommending that the Federal Reserve become the supercop for "too big to fail" companies. The idea is that the supercop would make sure that a terrible, terrible financial meltdown never occurred again.

I sat there for about thirty seconds....wondering...what the hell does the SEC do, and why a supercop would do a better job than the SEC.

The answer? The supercop would be an administration guy...paid by various 'gifts'....and eventually become a wimpcop....thus accomplishing the same feat as the SEC today.

I like this White House. They spend hours and days....holed up in the mansion...discussing incredible ideas....and then toss out to the media. Thank God, we've got a bunch of dimwits working for CNN and CNBC...and they can't possibly figure the whole scheme out.

Incidentally, if you missed the 1996 Supercop movie...starring Jackie was a 4-star Jackie movie. I'm thinking the Obama team were sitting around, drinking some Rum and Coke....and came up with the idea after watching Jackie Chan's movie.

Colin Powell and Rush Limbaugh

Back about six months ago...we had to endear an entire week where Colin Powell decided to dump on Rush Limbaugh. Various comments went back and forth. It was pretty stupid in the end....where the media carried it as long and as far as they could....then put it to rest. I kinda thought that was the end of it.

This week....Colin....came right back up and wanted to chat on this stupid subject again. Naturally....Rush came right back and did a label-job on Colin....asking why Colin wants to deny that he's bold Democratic supporter.

Frankly....some wise advice for Colin Powell....if you don't want Rush to gain momentum or more attention....then just shut up. Rush doesn't have unlimited support via the Republicans....he never has. Every time that Colin brings something.....he gives great media attention to Rush and pushes Rush's numbers back up a notch.

If I were Colin....I'd concentrate on the Obama administration and say kindly words over them and offer praise. Don't waste time dragging up Rush.

My belief? Rush must be paying Colin $3 or $4 million every six months to bring back up his name in the media....thats the only thing I can figure out about this stuff.

California Woes

I sat there for about five minutes....trying to grasp this one.

Apparently...the Obama administration had rules in place when stimulus was granted to everyone...but didn't tell anyone about the rules.

So the administration is now threatening to take back billions of dollars in federal stimulus money California.

The problem? Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and state lawmakers cut unionized home healthcare make the screwed up state budget work. There were dozens....well...maybe even hundreds of areas that they had to survive.

So the administration wants to restore wage cuts. If they don't...then this $74 million wage savings cut is going to trigger trouble. Somewhere in this American Recovery and Reinvestment Act....there is a rule to avoid wage reductions. The amusing thing here...if you were making $14 an hour before and you got cut to $ were in violation.

I had to start laughing. I'm pretty sure that the vast majority of folks who voted on this bill....never grasped this little feature. California is in serious trouble....long before the bank-issue popped up. They have wages that have gone way beyond the norm in most other states.

Whats at stake? $6.8 billion.

Over the past few weeks....Texas and Oklahoma have come out suggesting at the state level that the federal government has gone way past its intended purpose and likely infringing on state rights. After you stand back and think about this incident...then you start to realize that states ought to control their own fiscal budget....if they can't....why be a state? Why not just be a national fed state and take orders from DC? I'm thinking that people really don't want might be a bit more difficult....acting as a fed operation.