Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Stat's Aren't Always as True as You Think

I had an interesting conversation today with a senior Air Force NCO. She related.....at one point in her career, she managed some airman who just made it out of technical school.

For those of less knowledge....when you join the Air Force....you go through basic, and then you go to tech school to get your apprenticeship. Typically, in my field.....its around six months. At the end of that, you get assigned to your first base. Then they enter you into a eight to twelve month program to upgrade yourself to a "specialist" level. They give you a series of books....you read them....then you study for a test.....and then you pass. When you can't pass this series of tests.....typically, they toss you out. Out of 200 kids.....maybe one falls into this category.

So my "Sarge" related this story of her airman.....who she labeled a problem-child from day one. He wasn't dumb, but he was lazy and simply refused to put effort into anything. So after a year, he had failed the test on the first try, and then came to prepare for a second attempt. He basically gave up at that point.

The Air Force probably would have just written a waiver of some type and kept the kid in the Air Force for his four years.....doing some oddball work....but the kid didn't want to do that. So the kid found this great site on the internet which gave you the method to get out. It was a downloaded word document, which you admit you have gay tendencies (not out-and-out gayness, but just the tendency).

So the kid writes this letter and submits it....and within just a couple of weeks....they discharge him with a regular discharge. Since he didn't admit gayness....just the tendency.....it wasn't a bad discharge.....plus the kid didn't get kicked out for his failure to finish the specialist course.

So I asked "Sarge".....so the kid wasn't gay? She laughed....NO.....the kid wasn't gay.

You can't speculate on how many folks do this per year.....using this simply formatted letter.....but I'd likely make a bet here.....ten percent of the folks that CNN likes to talk about in this gay-discharge group.....probably aren't gay. Heck, it might even be twenty percent.

When I often refer to statistics always having some problem in being true.....this is simply another example.