Friday, 22 May 2009

Gitmo Woes and Fixes

I sat there in a daze....thinking I'd sipped some 90 proof stuff. Here was the suggestion from a Fox News article...that some folks think we should just rename help fix the Gitmo problem:

What if you gave it a name like "Shining Sands" or "Ocean Breeze" instead of ... Gitmo?

The prison center at Guantanamo Bay is destined to be closed down in January because "the name itself is a condemnation" of U.S. anti-terrorism strategy, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Friday.

But while it has become a "taint" on America's reputation, according to Gates, the prison facility in Cuba is at the same time "probably one of the finest prisons in the world today," he said Friday on NBC's "Today" show.

I paused over this entire concept for a while....then I started come up with my ten suggested name changes for Gitmo, which I'd like to share with you:

1. Camp Jesus. I realize it won't work, period....but still, I'd like to suggest it. It'll win Baptist votes.

2. Camp Ozzie Ozborne. We'd pipe in Ozzie music....which would like be deemed illegal and a violation of human rights.

3. Bin Laden Sands. Just a crazy idea.

4. Camp Skippy. It'd drive the Marines crazy when you handed them orders there. That would be a pleasure to watch.

5. El Castro. Cubans in Miami might have a laugh, but thats about it.

6. Liberation. One-word, simple, to the point.

7. Naval Air Station Bush. GW wouldn't mind.

8. TOTFNBRPC (The Obama Temporary For Now But Really Permanent Camp)

9 Stimulus City, it'd make perfect sense to give them money or funding.

10. Gitmo-Paradise. Sometimes, you just need to add one single word to make things feel all better again.