Tuesday, 16 June 2009

The Bulldozer Idea

Frankly, I thought it was a moment of brilliance.

The administration's idea.....for all of these rust-belt cities which are dying and full of trashed up homes and dead neighborhoods....is to tear down the affected areas and plant trees. Yes, reforest an generation of urban America.

There fifty cities in this group...mentioned by the White House...which includes Detroit, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Memphis.

Naturally, there are different feelings within the cities over this. If you have a entire block of fifty homes....and forty-four are empty or dead.....that leaves six homes standing which folks actually own. So do you destroy the forty-four and then leave the six in the midst of some mini-forest? Can the locals accept this?

After ten years.....will the city attempt to come back in....cut down the trees and then "give" away the property to homestead-minded folks? Its a curious thing that the political folks involved will not discuss the future options on this plan.

Course, I have two items in my analysis which makes sense. First, you need work-crews to do this kind of work....and it's not really technical in nature. with fifty cities involved....I'd be guessing at least twenty thousand personnel involved in this effort, for at least ten years. A guy who has been unemployed in Detoit....could finally get a long-term job with another 300 guys....and just spend the days tearing down homes and planting trees.

The second item of analysis....BUY CAT stock. Yes, to accomplish all of this....you will need bulldozers....lots of bulldozers. I'd be guessing at least three hundred bulldozers spread out amongst fifty cities in America. You will need the biggest bulldozers possible and they will need lots of maintenance and parts. Caterpillar will make hundreds of millions off this government sale and the continued support of the bulldozers.

Naturally, I won't comment if I own CAT stock.....you can only speculate on that part.

A Climate Change Hymn

There was a story today….of how harsh things are in the job environment and students about to graduate from college.

Apparently, divinity schools are seeing a 10 percent or higher growth on applicants for the fall semester….which is pretty unusual.

I thought this was pretty unusual. The last thing on my mind….if I were about to graduate from college….is to return and then go for some divinity degree. How could you possibly turn an investment of four years and $60k to $100k….into some idea of a divinity degree?

Some folks are apparently speaking out on this idea…and their enthusiasm is circling around new issues which they’d like to focus into the divinity world….chiefly…..global warming.

I paused when I read this comment…thinking that maybe I was missing something….but no….divinity and global warming apparently are matching up. The comment in one article went to the concept of “spiritual approach toward community service”.

One student who is heading in this direction….came with a unique thought…… the main focus to slowing climate change was thought to be technological or economic, but the student felt that it ought to be spiritual. His future? Jump onto some "environmental ministry" after graduating from divinity school.

It was bad enough when we were all focused on Moses, the Bible, and Eden….but now global warming in the midst of some sermon?

Does hellfire and brimstone cause global warming….would you even care if it did?

I’m thinking some divinity folks will find a short career in this business. So we will have to stand and wait…for the Tammy Faye of Global Warming to arrive….for the Jimmy Swaggart of Climate Change to arrive…..and for the Pope of Environmentalism to stand and deliver.

Something is tugging at my sleeve….and telling me that my emotional shield is going to be high and in position for years to come when a religious-climate changer comes calling at the front porch.