Wednesday, 8 July 2009

The MJ Show

I watched 22.5 minutes of the Michael Jackson tribute. I have to be kinda honest....this is between flipping though 30 channels over a 90-minute period.

Frankly, it was a combination of (1) a Vegas chimpanzee show, (2) a three-ring circus, and (3) a collection of a dozen semi-washed up 1990's entertainers. I didn't catch the end....where I'm now told that Paris (MJ kid #2) apparently did a ending speech...which some folks felt it was rigged by the family in some fashion.

You got the impression that it was a show.....a really sad tragic show.

A comparison to Lady Di? No, it was never for one moment anything like that funeral. At some point, as her brother did his got a 'Churchhill-moment' that was 5-star.

I'm hoping this kinda concludes this episode....but I seriously doubt it.