Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Ayman Speaking

It is a rather amusing statement today….Al Qaeda's number two guy….Ayman al-Zawahri….went “Cheney” on the Pakistani folks….and declared that the US involvement in Pakistan….”poses a grave danger to Pakistan's future and very existence”.

It was a nifty message…Ayman sent out to "Muslim brothers and sisters in Pakistan."

Ayman came out to warn everybody…kinda like Cheney would do….that without help….. "we shall not only contribute to the destruction of Pakistan and Afghanistan, but we shall also deserve the painful punishment of Almighty Allah."

I surveyed Ayman’s words….and it’s curious how Allah would care about the borders of any country. Borders don’t matter within Islam. And as for painful punishment? Well…it would seem like that whatever new strategy is underway in Pakistan….is starting to really get under the skin of some folks. If you can’t readily walk around in Pakistan or you get daily reports of some buddy of yours getting whacked when he stepped out for a smoke….then you have to wonder about your future.