Tuesday, 21 July 2009

A Phone Call

Sometimes, I get a wrong phone call here in Germany. It averages around four times a month.

This past weekend....near 7PM on Sunday evening....I had this call. It was a German guy and he started running off in a hurry....in German. In the background, I could hear ambulance sirens, yelling in the background, and fire trucks. It took around 30 seconds to get him to stop, and then I kinda mentioned I was American and this was a wrong number. He was sorry, and then hung up.

I kinda sat there and paused over the call. Evidently, this was one of those circumstances that would have been interesting to know the situation. The caller was either calling to announce he’d been in an accident, or calling to let someone know that their house was on fire.

For two days, this has kinda bothered me. Things happen, and you’d just like to know the final outcome, even though you don’t know these people. Heck, maybe two beer trucks collided.