Saturday, 1 August 2009

A Pen

This week, I had an interesting moment, involving an old pen.

I journeyed the 4th floor of my organization's work area, and had to enter a communications closet (locked of course). It's the type that you have to annotate when you open and close it. I was the guy who was supposed to close it.

I' m standing there and suddenly realize that I have no pen to mark my initials or time on the closure. My old associate (from SAIC).....was standing there, and I noted a pen in his dress shirt. He's a stylish old geeky guy, if you were interested.

I asked to borrow the pen and he was very hesitant.

Then he pulled the pen out and I marked the paperwork with it and noticed that it was pretty damn old. It was worn. It was a fairly expensive Cross pen....of a pretty fair age.

As I turned to hand it to the guy.....I made a comment over the pen, and you could see this twist of his face (like a cat) and there was a story here.

My associate his youth....his mother gave him the pen upon leaving for college. He was the pen is at least forty years old.

I stood there in shock. Over my vast fifty-odd years of life, I've come to gain and lose well over one thousand pens. I've been given various expensive pens as presents....and lost every single one of them. I've had cheap 19-cent BIC pens.....and lost them. I've bought entire packs of a dozen pens for $30....and then over three months....lost all twelve.

So here is a guy who somehow walked around for forty years and never lost this pen. I stood there....mostly in a state of shock.

For him, this pen meant more than just being a pen or something to write was a gift of sorts. Maybe that's why it was so special.

It Oughta Be Dry

As a Bama-ite and having grown up in a dry county, I viewed the beer summit in a slightly different fashion than the 94 percent of the regular audience.

Frankly, we need to set the White House into a dry county status and leave the beer back at the state line.

I sat and reviewed the description of the meeting, the lack of anything being accomplished, and the pictures of four guys sitting there (saying a bunch of nothing in the end).....and I felt the heavy weight of the Baptists on my back.

Yes, this meeting.....with beer in the background....was a thing of evil and should not have happened. I'm least in Lauderdale country.....there are dozens of people now praying for the souls of the Irish cop, the flipped-out professor, and the Hawaiian President. They won't pray for VP Joe because he's already condemned to hell.

Folks who grow in dry counties of Bama....have a different perception about things than regular people. It's ok to drink beer over in your basement (out of sight). It's ok to drink whiskey while out bass fishing or hunting. It's ok to drink booze while cavorting with your girlfriend Wanda while your wife is at the bridge tournament in Red Bay. But you can't drink beer in front of cameras and in a public arena.

The only way to prevent this from happening to either make the DC area a dry county or make sure the President deletes "stupid" from his vocabulary. It might help if cops would just ask a few more questions. It might even help if some folks wouldn't get hostile the minute that they see a cop.

Did the beer summit accomplish anything? Well....for the news folks....they can close this story as finished. The professor can go back to traveling to China and losing his housekeys. The cop can go back to arresting bad guys. The President can hope that VP Joe doesn't show up every Thursday now....hoping for a free beer or two. And folks in Bama dry counties can go back to thanking God that they are dry and without sin.

Cash for Clunkers III

The White House and the Democrats apparently didn't come to a decision yesterday over where the next billion or two will come from....for the cash-for-clunkers program.

Apparently, some folks finally got wise to this entire business. Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo): "....that extending the program with taxpayer money isn't affordable".

Then at some point......House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer spoke out: "New money for the program would come from funds approved earlier in the year as part of an economic stimulus bill". And this got a bunch of Republicans all upset and they were talking about standing against such a bill.

At some point....the motorcycle industry is going to stand up and announce that they have a problem here too....and they want a $1k "cash-for-clunkers" program. Then the shotgun industry will stand up and say they want a $300 "cash-for-clunker" program for old weapons. Then the fishing boat industry will announce they ought to have a $1k "cash-for-clunker" program as well.

You can smell exhaust fumes on this stuff.

As one guy realized yesterday.....we actually own two of these companies to some degree (having already bailed them out) and we've already provided bailout and buyout money for this is just another layer of cake.

My guess is that the $2 billion being talked about.....will be whittled down in less than ten days. You guys who were waiting into the second week before making the trip.....won't wait anymore. Get the free money while you can.