Monday, 3 August 2009

Humans Version 2.0

There is a great story over at the British Telegraph. It lays out the history of man....which starts to challenge our imagination and our beliefs. I will tell the simplified version of this only a fellow from Bama could do.

Back long ago....before Classic Coke came along.....before FDR and the depression.....and even before Scorates and Plato....there were these fourteen tribes in Africa.

These fourteen groups....probably all varying in sizes of a hundred or several hundred....survived for thousands of years. They were the humans....version 1.0. It's as simple as you can go with these scientific facts.

At some point, we have human, version 2.0 to emerge. They did something radical amongst the 14 tribes in existence. They decided....amongst the two hundred-odd leave Africa.

You can imagine this discussion amongst the tribe. Larry and Charley talking about something bigger....over yonder....and maybe some big damn fish beyond belief. To be honest....Larry and Charley were BSing to the ninth degree....lying up a storm.....but just staying wasn't in their plans.

So there was "Big Karl", "Lil Ernie" and Donny.....who were the moderates of this group. They likely talked up the impact.....the need for beach property.....and the idea that things were always better somewhere else.

But there "Republican-types".....John and GW....who kept up the talk of just staying where things were safe, the animals were tame.....and the women were "hot enough".

You can imagine this conversation taking place.....deep discussion, in fact.

At some point....Larry and Charley win out and the folks all pile on to make their way. At this point, 70,000 years ago....the group took what chance they had and crossed over into Arabia at the mouth of the Red Sea.

The fresh water they found from various springs....kept the group going. The fruit was in abundance. The fish were plentiful.

This group was vastly different from the thirteen that remained in Africa.....they were fully capable in adjusting. They could accept a challenge. They had hunting skills that helped the 200 in their group to survive and flourish. These skills doubled with each generation.

So the group traveled to the ends of the Earth.....into Europe, into Russia, into India, into Asia, and eventually into the Americas.

So there at some magic point.....there was this stay or go....and somehow, they made a legendary decision. We can talk about luck or changing climate, but face it....a decision had to be made and it changed history. They were humans, version 2.0.