Monday, 10 August 2009

Dogs and Cats

Occasionally, I'll see one good 5-star story on Bama.

Today...we have the Vestavia Hills City Council episode. Apparently, there is serious trouble in town....the countil is about to vote on an an ordinance to limit to five the number of dogs and cats per household.

Yep, apparently the locals have decided that five is the magic number and with this law in hand....they finally take legal action against an owner.

Bama has a unique prospective on pets. one holds anything against a guy and his dogs. We might say some wicked things over grandma who has 16 cats....but generally, we just look the other way. The guy with fourteen goats? Well...we just kinda laugh about it.

How did the guys come to the magic number of five? Thats a curious thing which would drive even Socrates crazy. Apparently, five is it. No rhyme or reason. Socrates' take on this? What would you do with number six or seven or eight? Various plans of disposal? Got the guts to tell to the guy's face?

Two cents of analysis.


So for the past week or two, there’s been this continual discussion about these town hall meetings being “fake” or set up by Republicans. Several of these political figures and news journalists have hinted at this.

I sat and pondered over this. “Fake” town hall meetings? Or “fake” news reports? Or “fake” journalists pretending to be real journalists, and talking to “fake” political figures? Or how about fake press conferences by a President?

After a while, you begin to realize there is an awful lot of fake stuff going on.

Oprah has fake stuff.

CNN has journalists who report fake stuff.

Fox News has daily fake news.

The New York Times wins Pulitzers for fake reporting.

The Nobel Peace Prize Committee hands out prizes based on fake information.

The President sends troops off to fight wars based on fake information.

The Wall Street Journal asks fake questions to get fake reports that generate bogus purchases or fake sales.

Congressmen fly off to the South Pole to gather fake data to prove their fake assumptions. They then give fake speeches.

So when these guys appear on CNN and pronounce some fake activities going on….they are more than right…it’s just they really aren’t prepared to admit the full situation and the enormous fake lives they are all living.