Monday, 17 August 2009

Reader's Digest Spiral

Reader's Digest declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy today.

I can remember as a kid.....going to the barber shop every three weeks and sitting down to read two or three articles while waiting. I can remember sitting in various dentist offices....and reading an article or two while the dentist was busy. I can remember waiting and reading Reader's Digest at the doctor's office.

About three years ago, I remember sitting down and there was a very positive story done on global warming. It was laced with "absolute fact". I sat there grinning. At least three of the six facts that they laid out.....were later to be proven false. Would they likely retract what they wrote? I smile as I suggest that. The global warming enthusiasts need a publication like this....that never admits it has failed in the trust-department.

Some people will say the article done last summer was where the base population reader started to retreat. This was where they explained that candidate Obama would bring rapid approval amongst foreign countries, and thus change the perception of America in the world. It was a tacit approval game which a number of magazines have played out. The truth is...real journalists avoid identifying with a candidate or telling people who they should give their vote.

Reader's Digest believes it can survive, although they are switching to ten publications per year. They think their base has stabilized at around 5.5 million per month. My guess? I have doubts that they can keep the base at that level and will eventually slide to 4.5 million. They will be eventually packaged in some manner and sold to some third world publisher in Honduras, and then start questioning how they can possibly survive.


I made reservations today....for a vacation to Cyprus in five weeks. I had decided on a package deal....flight, bus to the hotel, the 4-star hotel, three buffet meals a day, and all the booze you can drink (beer, wine, mixed drinks, Sprite, water, coffee, tea, and buttermilk). I've never done the full-up deal with everything, so it'll be curious on how this turns out.

The curious I sat there with the German TUI travel came time for the credit card. I plunked it down....and they charged the trip....along with a $27 service charge for using a credit card. I sat there....kinda surprised that they would do such a thing but apparently, they don't like doing it and they don't have a deal with the bank with credit card usage tied to their banking business.

To be honest, Cyprus wasn't on my top forty places to visit, but it's October by that point, and it's still fairly warm. Plus it's part of Greece.....and it's kinda safe. As you know....I only go to safe places.