Thursday, 20 August 2009

"False Witness", Frankly

"There are some folks out there who are, frankly, bearing false witness."

--President Obama

This was some kind of defend-the-health-care-package speech in the presence of a bunch of church dudes. It was the kind of campaign speech effort that you’d expect in the heat of September and October of an election year.

From the Republican side now….we’ll have to hear a dozen comments on who is bearing false witness to who. They’ll cite a dozen untruths, and then the Democrats will counter that effort. It’s typical political infighting….that you reach a point of getting frustrated and tired of.

The church dudes? Well…they’ll run back to their church groups and then try to spread the message amongst their players….then discover that fifty percent of the audience is Republican in nature….and they start to argue in the church over whether Jesus would support the plan or not.

Then ten percent of the membership up and quits over a weekend….joining some anti-health care church group just down the road. A week will go by and another ten percent stand up and walk out. By the end of September….you start to notice that thirty percent of the church seats are vacant and the pot of money expected each week is less and less.

Eventually….in October….some idiot in the front of the church will stand up and ask why it was necessary to have a position on health care, and everyone will wake up from a daze and realize that they were kinda led astray with no real leadership amongst their “fake” leaders.

The curious thing here? When you study the strategy of extremists (or fascists)…getting into the concentrated power areas of your opposition and dividing them…is one of the top plans that work. Eric Hoffer wrote an entire book on the mechanism works...and why "mass movements" are dangerous.

An Another Caveman Joe Story

So today, we learn that Caveman the creator of global warming. It was a shocker as I read the article.

Based on a report by researchers at the University of Virginia and the University of Maryland-Baltimore County....Caveman Joe, our ancient ancestor.....may have started global warming through massive deforestation. Caveman Joe did burning forests and woodlands, and thus created a permanently altered Earth climate.

The idea here is that Caveman Joe around five to seven thousand years ago....ended up clearing about ten times as much land as people typically do today (at least on average). So the idea is that this started up the swing in greenhouse gases.

This idea continues on....that as Caveman Joe burnt down the forest....he then planted seeds in the soil and grew a crop. Eventually....Caveman Joe then taped out the nutrients in the soil and then had to move to property number two....burn that forest....and restart the entire process again.

The professors involved in this project....envision Caveman Joe burning patches left and right....maybe five times in a 20-year period.

While it’s a major effort in writing this....there are a significant number of researchers who just don’t buy into this idea. The idea of farmers playing any real role in climate change....just doesn’t the researchers discuss the concept. The model’s tend to disagree with this Caveman Joe scenario because they all point to something that started in the past 150 years. Bluntly, they would prefer that Caveman Joe didn't get drawn into modern science.

I sat and pondered over the Caveman Joe scenario. The problem is that when you consider population existence of seven thousand years really start to see a tiny group of people living in Europe or Russia or Asia. Just in the Americas....maybe a thousand guys probably.

The minute they started burning off a forest to establish their crop land....they set global warming into fourth gear. And the sad thing is....they never had some guy with a Nobel Al advise them on the terrible things they were doing.

Why LSD is a Bad Thing

So, this is a sad and woeful tale. Out in Fenton, MO… the heartland of America….there was this newlywed couple. During some part of their new fantastic marriage….they decided to take a honeymoon hike. And there on the hike….they experimented with LSD.

Apparently, the 20-year-old bride (who was from the Crestwood area of MO)…..went into such a bad reaction on the trail….with the LSD….they she had to be airlifted to a suburban St. Louis hospital. The cops will merely say currently that she is in serious condition.

The original story that the husband told cops….was that the wife had fallen down and hit her head. Later….as they looked for the invisible bruise on the head….the guy had to admit more of the story. The husband apparently wasn’t making a huge effort to “rescue” the wife……it ended up being two guys on horseback who found the couple….and then found that the woman was having seizures.

So far, the cops have taken the husband into custody. The only charge so far…..drug possession.

It’s a curious thing where LSD is involved. Of the five normal drugs that folks might experiment with or test….it’d be nowhere in the five. The guy’s background….not mentioned….although I’d bet that he has a chemistry background and a couple years of college. If you had to pick a drug that was wrong for the trail environment…..this is the one. You could hallucinate enough and do some fairly dangerous things out in the boonies.

The curious thing will be when they finally stabilize the gal and she’s out of the hospital….what happens with the husband who didn’t make any effort to take you to the hospital? Do you question his trust? Would the guy have allowed you to die on the trail? I'm thinking this is a short-lived marriage.