Sunday, 23 August 2009

Something to Make You Think

There is an interesting feature on German TV....the state-run network. At least once or twice a week....mostly on Sat Three (the national channel but always number three in everything)...where they feature a news broadcast from thirty years ago.

The first time I watched this....almost ten years ago....I kinda sat there in shock. If you tried to sell this to ABC or CBS....they'd go into a hyper fit....why show old news?

After you watch this five or six start to notice things. Remember....this is the national news block of fifteen lousy minutes at 8PM each night on Channel One....ARD.

You notice that political news didn't really dominate much of the broadcast. It's maybe half of what you see today on the nightly news of Germany.

Then you notice that the US didn't get mentioned much except for really big news.

Wall Street? Maybe ten percent of the broadcasts that I've seen....might have some real business-like news.

So I started to ponder this. I can readily remember watching the nightly news in 1974. It's a 360-degree turn from what you see on today's news.

So I have this radical idea....a network of sorts....probably with zero profit....but showing nightly news from 20 to 40 years ago. I'd like to remind people of what they had, and what they lost over the past forty years. After a while....the big guys would start to feel threatened....because they have done something to news....turning it into a used-news service. Maybe after a while, they just might want to restart the clock and change.