Sunday, 30 August 2009

On the Appalachian Trail, Sort Of

For about two months now...South Carolina has been in the midst of a soap opera of sorts. When someone woke up in June and noticed the governor gone...they asked where...and the answer was a walk on the Appalachian Trail. It took around 36 hours for folks then to realize that that was a bogus answer. Then came the real answer...he was visiting a mistress down in Argentina.

The majority of folks down in South Carolina have come to laugh over the whole event....the governor...and the continued fight he puts up. He's become this comic character...defining a passionate love one minute....explaining why he did things the way he did....and then getting into secondary trouble over other accusations. Most governors would have resigned by now....but Governor Mark Sanford stands tall and refuses to give up.

Yesterday....his associates....Republican all upset at a meeting. They really would like for the guy to just leave...but he won't. The Democrats love every moment of this. It gives them lots of stuff to use in the next election.

Right now...the state legislature has to wait until a state ethics commission finishes its investigation. This will end up being in January of 2010.

The general feeling is that they will have evidence in hand at that point...and either prosecute or impeach the guy.

I've sat and watched this episode from day one. I have to's one of the best soap operas in a dozen years. Sanford looks more like a dimwit than some intelligent political figure. Most every governor in the US has some liaison...but it tends to be some local gal from the state he lives in...or from NY City. Going all the way to Argentina for a girlfriend...just ain't got any brilliance to it at all.

The interesting thing is that his political career is now pretty much finished. He can't salvage a thing out of this. The best he can hope to marry up his girlfriend in Argentina and then move there to become a political figure.

The amusing thing is that he was actually labeled VP material for the 2012 election. Can you imagine this moment....hours after being selected....and this Argentine girlfriend stuff comes out? And he wouldn't step down from the VP nominee position? So we are fortunate in one way....this all happened now....and not in the summer of 2012.