Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Curt and the Curve

Folks around Massachusetts have been amused about a small story that appeared last week. Since Senator Ted's seat is up and available. We know the list of a dozen Democrats, and two or three Republicans have discussed what they might be doing. But it was a relative unknown political force who chatted about this crazy idea of his.....Curt Schilling....former pitching ace of the Boston Red Sox said he just might be interested.

Most folks around Boston have laughed about Curt even thinking about the race. Curt has an opinion on just about everything....which is the one strength that they might overlook. Adding to this....Curt is not an idiot.

Here's the curious thing. Everyone in Massachusetts knows Curt. He has instant name recognition. Curt could walk into a bar and fifty guys would line up to buy him a beer.

If Curt decided to run....and got serious....he just might bring every single Red Sox fan left in the Boston area to his campaign. This is where we start to add up the number of 250,000 hardcore fans at his base of operations. You can imagine another 500,000 Republicans throughout the state would come to augment that group. Senator Ted won the last election with 1,500,000 vote out of the total 2,100,000 votes cast. So you will need one million votes to be serious.

By my scenario, Curt has 75 percent of the vote necessary today....if he chose to run. The question is....can he make up another 250,000 votes to win. Then you stir in the fact that there is no Ted running....so if Curt could convince the 18-25 year old crowd to side with him....he just might have enough votes to win.

The only two interesting aspects to affect the race? John Kerry will side with whoever runs from the Democrats....but Curt just might be big enough to reverse that support. The President? Well....that is enough to think about. But somewhere in the shadows of Fenway Park....are a dozen-odd legends who could just walk out of the shadows and toss their support to Curt Schilling. Deep down....half of Boston belongs to the Red Sox.

So in the craziness of Boston....there is this whacked out scenario....of Curt Schilling emerging, and you have to wonder if he's prepared to make the run or not.

Another Critique: KMCC

Another critique on our monster-mall at Ramstein.

So a two-parter on KMCC. I had a Wok meal there. For a 3-choicer with drink....it was a total of $10.25 at the end. It would have been practically the same price downtown....that I have no doubt about. But here's the thing....at least downtown, it would have been a three to four star meal...while the KMCC Wok plate was probably 2-star at best. Then you have to toss on the "hair" that was found on the rice at some point, which you have to wonder about the facility a little. If you want a better Chinese meal...you'd best go off-base.

Then a comment from my associate over Johnny Rocket Burgers. She brought the kid in and they dined for roughly $23. This got each of them a special Johnny Rocket burger, fries, and drink. It was ok....but she kinda admitted that Burger King would have been just as good....and the cost would have been $14 max. Over-priced? Yeah, to a degree.

Lots of customers on Monday (being a holiday)...but the curious thing is that several shops had almost no one inside....like the furniture shop. I stood in there for fifteen minutes....looking at some fine wood beds...but the pricing led me to question the place. I could have probably found a better deal off base and used a VAT form to get an even better price.

For the long run....I question if the KMCC will actually make it or not. The hotel is the magnet, and the BX has yet to open...another week or two to go. But there is some doubt in my mind if they turn a significant profit. Maybe in a year, I'll be proven wrong.