Wednesday, 9 September 2009

A Fresh New Caveman Joe

Here is a moment to shake your base of knowledge...straight from the British Independent.

For decades, it's been the common belief, with science in our believe that man walked out of Africa about 1 million years ago....and began to populate the face of the Earth. It was a simple concept....easy and simple to believe.

So today? They've found new bones.....near the Georgian capital of Tbilisi. They are 1.8 million years old. They beat the African bones by 800k years.

So now....the big guys who think about things like this.....have decided that a whole new possible theory now exists. Man emerged from Africa....went through some modification in another land.....then returned to Africa...and then exited a second time. The other possibility is that man started out in the Georgia region to start with, and one group eventually made it to Africa, while the other groups went elsewhere.

It's a radical concept.....everything starting somewhere else entirely different than Africa. There are thousands of hours of science shows that tell one story, and they just might be tossed now.

So Caveman Joe may now have a wild story to tell....and it's twice as weird as we originally thought.