Friday, 11 September 2009

That Wilson Dude

This Wilson guy and the Obama Speech....what can I say?

After pausing and looking over this “you lie” episode at congress.....I was a bit amused.

First, the rules of the boys is that you just sit there and applaud or do nothing when the President is talking. Then, as soon as the mess is run out the front door and immediately bleed your guts to CNN, ABC, MSNBC, CBS, Fox or NBC. You can call him an idiot or a genus or anything at that point. Pretty neat deal.

So Wilson’s accusation? Most folks have come to agree that a couple of things that the President weren’t completely true....note, I didn’t call him a liar. It’s just that he didn’t tell the whole story. He had already done a town hall meeting where he answered one question on illegals getting care and told the question person that this was all taken care illegal immigrants (note, he didn’t say alien for some reason)...would get care under the program. Yet under this adventure on Wednesday night, he indicated that they’d have to write something else into the bill.

Others will point to different things in the speech which didn’t the numbers. Some folks like the President have used 47 million before, yet in this speech....there were 30-odd million. Precisely how many are uninsured?

Well....even the experts say they can’t be sure about this. Having a national ID would help to prevent such a mess and we could be more sure, but that’s a sore topic, you know.

As for dumping on Wilson? I’m having doubts that in South’ll make any difference. I think he’s concreted in to win next year....and money thrown to his opposition is simply money flushed down the toilet.

The idea that this charges up the Democrats....well, if they can get charged up over this....fine. So far, they haven’t had much luck in getting anyone charged up and the majority appear to be questioning things currently. By next week, this event will be forgotten.

Bill passage? I think the bill could be passed. The issue behind that point will be the groups who take it into court and challenge for 55 different reasons. The Supreme Court ends up with the case....on several fronts. It’ll be cut, carved and hand-cuffed to a great extent. Then you have to worry about this being a campaign effort in 2010 and giving the Republicans control of the house. If this happens....then the next two year or even six years....will be a miserable period for everyone.

So for those of you wanting to criticize the President....remember....always do it on TV with a news analyst and it’s legal.

Father, Son, & Holy Ghost

So this is what happened. This Bolivan dude....a preacher of sorts....who lives out of Mexico....decided that he had a vision from God about a impending earthquake for Mexico City. The only way he could warn the public....he thought...was board a Mexican Airways flight and then play out some hijacking episode. You can see where this is going.

So this plane was traveling from Cancun to Mexico City.....with most of the passengers unaware of the whole event. The pilot ended up negotiating with this guy....because the preacher originally wanted the plane to circle Mexico City seven times. Sadly, there just wasn’t going to be enough fuel to accomplish that.

So he would get a reporter if they landed. So he agreed.

The cops ended grabbing everyone off the plane at the end and then they spent a while talking to Flores. At some point, the guy mentioned that he had accomplices with him on the plane....the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Cops felt this to mean three actual guys. Yep, remember, this is Mexico.

So the cops handcuffed the preacher and then ended up handcuffing several other guys who they felt were the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Several hours later, they determined that those other guys weren’t the Father, the Son, or the Holy Ghost and returned them to the airport. I can’t say if they apologized or anything.

You can imagine yourself....some guy named Gus on vacation to Cancun....all sunburned....dehydrated....full of cheap Mexican booze, and ready to return home. Then after you finally get out on the tarmac at Mexico’s some Mexican detective accusing you of being “the Holy Ghost”...being part of the hijacking, and a threat to security. The amount of booze in your system likely prevents you from answering with the correct answer. You stand there and think the dude is smoking something and kinda deny it. After a while, he decides that you have to be lying and takes you off to the station as an accomplice to the nutcase.

Things like this only happen in Mexico.

In Bama, the minute some guy mentioned he was doing some stupid stuff and then mentioned that the “Father”, “Son”, and “Holy Ghost” were with him....the deputy sheriff would have grinned.

The Woes of a New Dentist

My dentist of ten years finally decided to retire. So I had to go and find a new dentist. There was an ad in the base paper and here was this “professional” I made an appointment.

They were friendly and wanted paperwork done before starting. This was the trend of things to come. Fifth column, they wanted my social security number. I give this to no I just sat there and thought what idiot would dare request such info today? This isn’t even a military operation. Then they wanted my policy number with Aetna. I left both blank.

Then they had various blocks I could fill....cosmetic surgery, whiteness treatment, etc. I felt like I was in the wrong place....and I was.

Then the dentist brought me into the room....did barely three minutes of stuff and then rattled off how I needed two crowns and two fillings. No X-Rays you can feel my anxiety level starting to perk up. I came for a check-up and a cleaning. Nothing else.

Then she rattled off the 800 Euro ($1,100 for each crown). She mentioned Aetna....but I could already remember that they barely cover 75% of most dental surgery.

So she sent me off for one regular X-Ray and this super-duper revolving X-ray (as it were any better than the old damn method). Then I came back to the Dentist and she spent three minutes explaining stuff. The charge up to that moment? $75.

Then I was sent to the cleaning gal. My old dentist....Doc Dietrich of Landstuhl was an angel compared to this gal. I would have begged to be knocked out if I’d known the punishment I had to take for a cleaning. It was the most pain that I’ve had in my life...just for a damn cleaning experience. This gal charged $95 for this 70 minute experience. Then she jumps up in front of me with a fluoride treatment (already prepared). I normally have refused this for almost 15 years now....and she’s jamming the damn thing in my mouth already....$35 for that 3-minute treatment. Will Aetna pay that part? I’m pretty sure they won’t be.

Naturally, they escorted back over to the front and I needed to make the critical appointments for the crowns and such. I paid my $330 bill (yes, it was the most ever for a plain cleaning and exam). Doc Dietrich never charged more than $150 for that lousy hour.

I walked out and it was the worst bit of dentistry that I’ve had in forty years. I felt like I was in a GM salesroom with some idiot trying to talk me into buying a stupid GM car for $30k. I had some dentist charge me $75 for roughly ten minutes of actual work. Without even looking at X-Rays....this dentist was all turbo-charged on crowns in less than three minutes. This is some kinda money making operation.

The sad thing is come Monday, I have to find another “new” dentist to do the filling required that these idiots did find. I can’t go back over there....because I have zero trust. I’ll probably go over to the Army Dental office and see if they can do a simple filling.

The sad thing is that I’d like to have Doctor Dietrich back from retirement. When I first went up to his was some comic event. He had the whole operation in his basement of the upscale house in Landstuhl. I questioned this but realized that it was a pretty nifty set-up. Then he had pleasant music in the background. I sat in the chair and here was this great zoo poster up on the ceiling and I felt real relaxed. Then, about two minutes into the exam....he let me know he was into politics. I felt real relaxed at that point, but then he mentioned he was a Democrat and I kinda froze there. I felt it was best to go along with this and not mention that I was a Republican. For ten years, we got along and he was a damn good dentist.