Saturday, 12 September 2009

I'm Sorry

I'm sorry when hell freezes over.

I'm sorry when forty-million women can't lose twenty lousy pounds.

I'm sorry that Fox news has such a slanted view of life in America.

I'm sorry that women spend obscene amounts of money at Victoria's Secret to look hot.

I'm sorry that you have thirty-two potholes per square mile in your local town.

I'm sorry that Detroit Lions are such a crappy NFL team.

I'm sorry that people really believe WWE wrestling is real.

I'm sorry you have to watch the divorce episode between Hulk Hogan and Linda in public.

I'm sorry that you had to eat a fast-food menu last night.

I'm sorry you watch MTV and their Hollywood rehab show and consider it authentic entertainment.

I'm sorry that GM makes crappy cars and you have to force yourself into a showroom to buy one of them.

I'm sorry that you invested your life savings with Bernie Madoff because you are so stupid with money and investing.

I'm sorry that you have to watch Dancing with the Stars....and then call it entertainment.

I'm sorry you hate all of the news journalists on TV today.

I'm sorry that global warming is a worry for you....while it snows in early November.

I'm sorry that Canadian health care is such a big failure....and British health care, too.

I'm sorry that ACORN registered a hundred imaginary people in your town to vote.

I'm sorry that Hurricane Katrina destroyed a city nine feet under sea-level.

I'm sorry that some dimwit from South Carolina had to yell "you lie" in the midst of the President's speech....and not wait till it was over and then run to Fox news to utter the phrase there.

I'm sorry for lots of things. The funny thing is that it doesn't change things much.

The Mythical Isle

For me...civilization today...begins and ends with the United Kingdom...England. I realize this may be a shocker for some of you.

Britain gave us Shakespeare, J. R. R. Tolkien, George Orwell, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Geoffrey Chaucer, John Locke, William DeFoe, H. G. Wells, and a thousand other writers of genius.

Britain gave us the Magna Carta...which is the beginnings of Democracy for the civilized world.

Britain gave us Churchill and a couple of million stubborn British men who would stand and fight off Hitler and the Nazis.

Britain gave us the MG, which most of us have openly wept over.

Britain gave us the Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Clash, and the Sex Pistols (the only nominated group to the Rock Hall of Fame that refused to come or participate...and then gave a 5-star comment on the corrupted nature of the HOF).

Britain gave us the radar, jet propulsion, the torpedo and a thousand other technically devious devices.

This past week...a brick was removed from this mighty wall. A survey from England now suggests that three-quarters of teachers in the school system there....believe it's quiet a promote patriotism. In fact, they'd like to warn students that any real attraction to British patriotism...could lead to 'brainwashing'. Yes, they actually suggested that.

This past year, PM Gordon Brown finally came out and strongly recommended that the nation has a problem...Brit's aren't feeling Brit. They think they are not of one nation....but simply a group of people with some minor connections to each other. He wants a direction change amongst the youth of Britain.

This same survey in the school system....suggested that teachers felt it was more important to discuss a 'universal brotherhood'. You can see a problem brewing here. If seventy-five percent side with this idea....then whatever was built over the past twenty centuries on the isle...lays waiting to dissolve away.

One curious response that I came across in reading on this top....was the comment of one teacher to the survey person: "Praising patriotism excludes non-British pupils". It was a confusing moment...if you are there in the land of Churchill...and came from another land to live in such a place...then you chose your path in life. You simply aren't "non-British". And if you feel this'd be best to pack up and find another wonderful place to live.

What you see a huge problem which the government and the public probably can't overcome. If the massive majority of your teaching population refuses to participate in any shift or change in character...then you've basically lost your land. This is not your isle or kingdom anymore. It belongs to someone who is not British and would never be British.

My soapbox on this topic is small. My words measure to nothing that George Orwell would say. My focus is nothing compared to what Churchill would utter in a seven brief sentences. This was a mythical land that gave us so much....and now...reality is dissolving it away to nothing. What was laid out in perfect order of bricks upon a great becoming ruins and dust.


This was the week when videos came out with ACORN folks advising undercover reporters on how to run a brothel operation under the nose of local authorities and the IRS folks.

ACORN, for those lacking in daily readings of news....was this mythical and magical organization that arose out of urban Mideast get local groups professionally organized. They read the regulations, the official rule books of city management, and jumped into every single possible grant program possible. They learned how to milk the "golden" cow.

During the election period of 2008, ACORN went to a new level...learning how to get people organized in the arena of voting. They went out and recruited people to be "registration managers". They found thousands of new voters. Some people have suggested that they even thousands of non-existent voters as well....which is still being looked at.

On the borderline? Probably so. ACORN has taken the system invented, and now seeks to control it just as most normal political parties control it. In some cases, they've probably crossed the ethical border and meeting the legal aspects of the system.

So here are the video clippings (two)...and they gave absolutely great advice on how to get around local authorities and the IRS folks. They were absolutely correct.

The funny thing for that they've watched the system and know the weaknesses. We could have done this...but we were stupid and naive. ACORN has moved on.

They know we have issues with a national ID system....and we won't dare adapt it. So they can register illegal aliens until hell freezes over....and we can't say anything.

They know that we will never develop a system of matching up registered voting lists by the national level and find duel voters.

They know that we've devised voting regions that are fairly close in balance, and they just need two thousand imaginary folks to tip one election to this candidate of theirs.

They know that cops really don't care about busting a bunch of ACORN folks. It looks bad on their character and they get insulted in the media for targeting a special political group.

So ACORN got smart.

The question is...will we get smart? I think my answer is no. We are going to allow them to continue on and exist with no real halt to their games. Call it a free-ticket or just lack of understanding on our part....but ACORN is going to be around for a while.

Walking into Danger

This week....British paratrooper John Harrison died. Accompanying him to the gates of heaven...was Afghan interpreter Sultan Munadi. Both men died in a moment of bravery. They were part of a effort to free kidnapped journalist Stephen Farrell.

There are several things that have occurred after the successful rescue. First, there had been another effort underway....basically to pay off the kidnappers. For whatever reason, the British men on the scene saw this as having little effect. They knew the location and gauged the moment to press on and save the journalist. The second group involved in the payoff and negotiation? They are highly upset and made a couple of comments that this was not the best way of handling things.

Second....after hearing these points of criticism...David Miliband, the British Foreign Secretary....criticized kidnapped journalist Stephen Farrell for walking right into a mess and not listening to various points of strong advice.

Over the past ten years, I've observed dozens of reporters captured and held as hostage. I've come to realize that you could tell them of all kinds of trouble ahead of them, and they frankly...don't care. They have zero trust in the facts on the table. They are triggering their own problems.

So I'd like to suggest a radical departure from normal reactions. From this point on....any reporter captured in a treated as "dead" from that point on. No government help. No military rescue. No offerings to negotiate. No government middlemen. No payoffs by third parties. No ransoms. Nothing. Let the guy enjoy what he asked for.

I'd send a simple 8-line note to each news group or media organization to lay out this future. They can report their guy missing. They can hire professional hit men to save the guy. They can spend millions on a ransom effort. They can line up lots of space or airtime to report their guy lost in a forbidden situation. But not one single bit of effort by the government will be made to save the guy or help with a rescue.

I suspect after the first three or four guys come up missing...and folks realize how stupid it is to walk into a war-zone...the anxious reporter list of folks volunteering to go in....will drop in size. one will go.

The curious that most of these newspapers and media organizations are barely making a profit when the kidnappers ask for $2.5 exactly will they get the money? The guys in charge of these organizations ought to start thinking long-term....and how they survive in this new world.