Sunday, 13 September 2009

The Wilson Dude

It's been five days since the President's speech in the House....with the South Carolina Republican uttering the immortal "you lie" comment. He came back hours later and called and uttered his apology....which probably came from some advice from his associates in the House. He probably felt that would be it, and he'd be finished by Sunday with this entire mess.

Representative Pelosi came up early and said that she wanted to move on, and not allow Wilson to get more coverage than the real topic. I think her original train of thought was right.

Amusingly enough....over Saturday and Sunday....some folks have jumped on the wagon and think that Wilson now needs to appoligize in the house....with witnesses around. In fact, they'd like to cook up some punishment here.....but realistically, it's all just a paper-trail of punishment.

Meanwhile, Wilson's opponent picked up almost $750k in campaign contributions since that evening. But Wilson has now picked up almost $1 million, and some folks think he might be getting up to $3 million within thirty days.

I contemplated this moment....of Pelosi dragging this South Carolina guy down to the front and making him to utter a public apology. It would likely rank as one of the most incredible screw-ups that the Democratic could possibly manufacture. I would like to think that over this weekend....they finally came to some reality and will just let this whole event fade. If they can''ll turn into a 5-star speech....outmatching the President's three-star speech of last week.

My rendition?

Mrs Speaker, Representatives of the House, and honored guests. I'm here to render a proper apology over my comments at last week's President speech here.

Allow me to say....that I'm sorry.

I'm sorry over a piece of legislation that totals 1,000 pages and not a single member has read it.

I'm sorry over that members of the house find so many of their citizens in the home district upset with the manner of speed and incompetence displayed.

I'm sorry that President hasn't grasped the public sentiment over the bill.

I'm sorry that a number of house members will not be around after November of 2010's election.

I'm sorry about alot of things but here's the bottom line. If you want to take me down now....or even think you can toss me out of this legislature.....consider this....each of you reside in districts with real people. They could envision a simple recall effort and have you of you terminated within 90 days.

If you've ever pondered the concept burning bridges as you cross them....this might be one of those five-hundred foot bridges and you won't get a chance to retreat or rethink your efforts. Feel lucky? Feel like you've got this under control and you can toss me? Go for it. Just got elected by people and they can recall you on a whim.

Have a nice day.

Then I'd walk away, if I were this Wilson dude. The plain truth is that it's best to just let this whole mess just lie and not get any more mileage out of Wilson. But if you were fairly stupid and lacking experience in gauging a situation like this.....well....go for it.

Why is Health Care Expensive?

After my dental experience on Friday...and the bill....I started pondering the state of health care in America.

First, I came to be charged $70 for a brief seven minutes of a certified dentist. If she could have four folks lined up in four rooms and play this out in one hour....she could generate $280 an hour. Remember, this was just a check-up.....nothing more.

Then came the old fashioned X-ray....which ran around $25. It was a necessity in this case because I had never been to this place before.

Then came the new fangled revolving x-ray....which was $75. Don't worry....I don't think Aetna will pay for that and I didn't realize what they were doing until it was over. Necessary? No....the old method was that $75 was flushed down the toilet.

The dental hygienist came next, with two charges. They totaled almost $150. For about sixty minutes of effort....I came to question this grouping of charges. I doubt that Aetna covers more than $120 of that.

Finally, came the fluoride treatment crap....which is totally unnecessary. This was around $35. If I had known they were going to offer it....I would have refused, but suddenly she is inserting the damn thing into my mouth and I'm thinking.....what the hell am I doing here?

So out of the $300-odd fee here....Aetna likely pays around $200. I should be happy. I should be.

Deep shouldn't have been more than $150. So here in....lies the problem for America. You've got businessmen-dentist and business-doctors....waiting to show you fantastic new treatments....but it doesn't make alot of difference.

I look at all of this chit-chat from the President, the Media and a bunch of political whiners from both parties....and they really don't grasp the reality. You've got various lawyers out there who want to sue just about anyone for prices go up for legal insurance. You've got businessmen dressed in doctor's "whites" who are seeking a payment for their luxery condo in Vegas or Orlando. You've got prices that aren't competitive. Heck, even the insurance companies are guilty of the same practice.

How can you stop this mess? My lesson from Friday was simple.....ask questions ahead of time. Find out the rates. Look for small operations with just two or three people max. Know about the floruide treatment business and the gimmerick which is unncessary if you are an adult. When you find the right folks.....that you readily agree with financially....then return to them. Advise your friends of their good reputation of that business. Use common sense above all things.

I'm still more ways than one....over my Friday dental experience. It ain't going away as quickly as I'd like.

Bama and the Toys

A great moment of law, and order...came to Bama this week.

The Bama Supreme Court...with very little of importance to work on...took up the strange case of vibrators and sex toys...and rendered a decision.

You see....Bama got it's act together back about ten years ago and deemed it necessary to control the sales, operation, and "movement" (see how careful I was to suggest something of a lusty nature) of sexual toys. It was a necessity because Bama was becoming a hotspot for immoral women with no virtues. I would ask my brother to render a comment...but between his engineering background and working out of "sin city" (Huntsville)...this might turn into a 12-page commentary.

So the decision? Well....if you were a sex shop selling vibrators and other sex toys...then things were kept at the norm...meaning it's still against the law to sell sexual toys unless it was for "limited purposes".

Sadly, I'm not a lawyer...and I've often sat and wondered about this "limited purposes" statute. In the Air Force, if we insert this into a kinda means that the Colonel can waiver anything he wants but he has to sign a document saying why.

In kinda runs the same way.

As long as you are an adult....then the sex shop simply requires you to sign a copy of the receipt saying you just need this thing or of the approved reasons. Naturally, they don't mention the approved reasons. They don't ask if you are married or a Baptist or on welfare or a graduate of University of Auburn or if you've held political office before. Just "approved reasons" will do.

I did some looking...and apparently approved reasons typically involve: bona fide medical, scientific, educational, legislative, judicial, or law enforcement purposes.

I sat there and pondered this. I could easily see scientific research being required and several instruments might have to be purchased to prove some theory. I could understand some legislative requirement where you had to make some state law maker "happy". I could even understand law enforcement purposes falling into this with several small town Chiefs of Police tied down and made happy by local meth hottie. I'll try to control my imagination over this discussion.

Naturally....our Attorney General....Troy King was key in getting this fixed up and passed through the Bama Supreme Court. Troy is courting with running for governor and needs things with the Baptists to stay the same. Most folks have already forgotten that male assistant episode and Troy seems like likable kind of guy.

The Alabama Supreme Court issued a 7-2 decision siding with King and Hoover.

The neat thing about this legal writing stuff from the a comment from one justice: "public morality can still serve as a legitimate rational basis for regulating commercial activity, which is not a private activity."

It basically means that we Bama folks are keen on protecting you....through thick and thin....from booze, prostitutes, sex toys, Yankees, NCAA rivals, and corruptible things.

So, things kinda continue. You can still buy what you need and just sign the receipt. You can rest assured at night that Bama folks are trying hard to protect your morals. You can still feel secure in knowing that the majority of Bama are decent and without any corruptible values. And if you don't feel safe or secure....just toss back the six shots of Jacky D's from the illegal bottle you brought over from the state line. Things will be better in the morning.

A Once Proud Paper, Now a Dinosaur

As most of you know....I won't buy Time or Newsweek anymore. I consider both to be third-rate journalism with news that's over seven days old. Neither has contributed any worthwhile news journalism in at least five years. Both are dinosaurs waiting for the meteor.

So this week....complements of the internet....I got a glimpse of the newest issue of Newsweek. It's a piece written seriously, but from the thirty lines of the article that I've's barely passing as news and mostly an editorial of questionable value.

The title? Is your Baby Racist?

Yes, just seeing the cover on the screen....I started laughing. The thirty line description of the article? It didn't help. I went to seven reviews of the article. They were lucky to get two folks with positive comments....but the rest were pretty critical of the writing, the facts, and the flair shown for a editorial being headline news.

As one one wrote commentary on the Newsweek article: "Racial indoctrination of young children, as endorsed by the Newsweek article, is abusive and socially destructive". I couldn't agree more. So it's another mighty swing by a news pretender magazine that is failing as each week goes by. Fortunately, they've let go of most of the reporters....and just relying on a small cadre of guys willing to write editorial pieces...rather than real news.