Monday, 14 September 2009

Two Cents of Analysis on Health Care

A brief two minute read...with simple analysis laid out from weeks of pondering.

Anything made anyone (your company, your neighborhood, your church, your VFW, your cable-TV company, your county, your state, your national government, your library)....tends to be a failure. Everyone starts chatting over "change" and then the whole thing goes spiraling.

Competition over state-lines with hundreds of health care companies....can only improve the current situation and lessen cost. Why would your representatives and senators be against it?

If you came to limit lawyers fees over health care law'd lessen the total cost by ten percent minimum. Ask any of the legal experts involved and they all agree that a guy ought to have the right to sue...but what the lawyers take away in what really doubles up the cost.

If you want to write excessive government bills or regulations...fine....but it does nothing for simplicity. How many people will raise their hand and say they've read 1,000 pages of the current health care bill? The less written...the better.

Triggers? A fancy term...meaning this will happen if "X" doesn't occur. Basically, in the gambling's a sure bet. So if it's so good...can't we have triggers for high school quality (enough bad grades and you shut down the school), or maybe in restaurants (enough bad inspections and it's permanently shut down), or in congress (enough corruption and your party is docked $50 million in fees)? Yeah, triggers are for special people and special get the picture.

Taxing or giving fees to guys or companies who aren't giving health care funding? This has a funny smell to it. If it works so well....why don't we do this to car insurance as well. We all know that on a average day in Bama....five percent of the cars on the road have car insurance which has expired or been canceled. Frankly, the same logic ought to work here....but no one wants to do that. Wonder why?

A tax credit for incentive to buy health insurance? Sure. But lets be realistic....we will eventually raise taxes up a get the money back one way or another. Trust your local senator or congressman.

Preexisting conditions? We'd like to overlook your neighbor's bout with cancer. We'd like to overlook your best friend's son who has serious genetic issues. We'd like to overlook alot of stuff. Then we come to the guy who smokes two packs a day...and for some reason...we can't overlook him. Then we come to the guy who is gay and got AIDS from some bathhouse in San Fransisco...and we start to question overlooking folks. Then we come to some reporter who went to all shot up and heavily wounded...and he's been laid off from the paper....and we start to question the wisdom of some idiot doing a story on Peruvian guerrillas.

Finally, Co-Ops. Frankly....they work. There are issues with them...but if you had to pick a system to front for the lesser-advantaged or the folks with preexisting conditions....this is a pretty fair deal.

The funny thing is that some kind of war campaign with two idiot groups has erupted, and the media is probably the last place where you might get decent and good information.

America isn't France. America isn't Canada. America isn't Germany. America isn't Rome or the Spartan empire. Whatever comparisons that people want to whip up and's all fine and dandy in a Sunday afternoon talk show. But in the face of reality...once WW I ended...the US was a totally different nation.

We seek different values and goals. We aren't a statue to be admired. Some will gush from patriotism. Some will worry about our direction and have sleepless nights over our woes. Some will go on MSNBC to act like a expert on society and tell us something that is questionable in terms of reliability or truth.

The truth is...we are awful damn smart and creative. We didn't get to this position without performing some great feats of magic and a handful of miracles. Maybe it's time that we settle back and pause for a moment of pondering. Maybe we might find simpler and easier ways to fix something...without a serious argument.