Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Charlie Gibson

Charlie Gibson....once the morning dude on Good Morning America, and now the ABC Night News dude....finally got dragged into an interview this past couple of days....and asked why he didn't cover anything abou the ACORN business over the past.

Charlie's answer: "I know we’ve done some stories about ACORN before, but this one I don’t know about".

It was a good comical answer for Charlie...which I would have come back and asked...so what else do you not know much about? And then I'd list ten major topics in DC over the past month. I'm guessing that Charlie barely knows about five of these...at best.

So the real question here....is how can ABC come and pay this guy for what he doesn't know?

The President's Comment

I sat and watched the clip of the music awards, and got to watch minute of Kanye West on stage. I won't even attach it to the blog because it's so stupid that he's standing there.

Then today.....the President decides that he needs to describe Kanye West as a "jackass". It was a serious and likely wrong thing to do....but you know.....I would use the same words as well.

The only curious thing about this entire event....the journalists all wanted you to know that Kanye was drunk during the event. I think he was totally doped up. A drunk doing all of the talking he did....would have wobbled up and wobbled on the stage. I think he was fairly doped up.

So in this case....before any of you folks blow up at the President....rest assured, this time, he tagged the right jackass, at least in my humble opinion.