Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Doing the Salsa in Honduras

If you were a betting man, you would have betted that ousted Honduran President Zelaya would have eventually sneaked back in. Today, we can pretty much confirm this.

The funny thing is that he basically got over to the Brazilian Embassy on Tuesday….then said he feared for his life as heavily armed soldiers marched outside and choppers filled the sky. Naturally, in a position like this….the dude comes out and says: “We are ready to risk everything, to sacrifice.”

The standing President….a temp guy and he readily admits he’s a temp until the election in December….thinks that a warrant can be served onto Brazil to hand the guy over. Some folks think that embassy areas are a safe-heaven of sorts and you can’t do much about this.

Zelaya is racing against time. Once the election is held….he’s the odd guy out under all rules of the game. Even the US and it’s pretender status on the subject….will be stuck honoring the real elected new President.

Political parties in Honduras? They are fairly active and doing the normal campaign business. Few really see Zelaya in some return-capacity.

My advice to Honduras? You’ve got the guy in a pretty neat position. Jam all cellphones in the local area. Turn off the telephone cables leading into the compound and just mount a hand-phone at the front gate for the Brazilian ambassador to use if he really wants to make calls. Keep around 300 armed guards to ensure the guy doesn’t move. And finally….arrange for a media camp about two miles away….so the journalists have to walk two miles to the site whenever they want video.

The name of this game is to make Zelaya sit in a Brazilian embassy for about ten weeks and drink their beer. Without the media or cellphone access….he has no access to the world and is in the midst of nowhere. The nifty thing....after ten weeks? He might actually know a couple of Brazilian Salsa steps and be a prime candidate for Dancing with the Stars.