Sunday, 27 September 2009

Just Parallel Thinking, You Know

News from Honduras today....indicates that ousted president Manuel Zelaya...who just sneaked back into the proposes to install a parallel government in Honduras.

With elections barely ten weeks away....he's fairly desperate now to regain his slot...but since he can't run and he can't get the military to support him...things look dismal.

So I sat and paused here....a parallel government...quiet creative, in my mind. So I pondered this for a while.

Does this mean that parallel taxes are also collected?

Would there be parallel Czars appointed?

Would a parallel passport be required?

Would a parallel representative to the UN be appointed?

Would President Obama recognize a parallel leader in one country but not another?

Would you have to have parallel car tags to drive in Honduras?

Would a parallel constitution come to exist?

Would parallel parking be any easier in a parallel land?

Would life be improved in a parallel land?

Could a out-of-world former third-world dictator really be powerful in a parallel situation?

Would you vote in a parallel election...and if so....are there other parallel parties?

This begs questions...better left till after the NCAA football season ends.

The Ongoing Nuke Saga with Iran

So to pause and stand back from this entire story of the past four days....and ponder.

First, for an extended period.....Iran has had this second uranium enrichment facility under wraps. They had this belief that a vast amount of security was covering the trail and that no one knew about this facility. Based on news reports.....the US has known about it for a fairly long period of time. For Iran....they now have to wonder what else the US has known about for a while and just not spoken about. Every order, every directive, every single secret.....just might be under observation.

Second, there are probably eight neighbors around Iran and Pakistan, who don't have nuclear weapons, but they are thinking now of what it takes to get them. Saudi Arabia with nukes within five years? Syria with nukes in five years? Turkey with nukes in five years? Georgia with nukes in five years? I'd start to think long and hard over that.

Third, this week....some suggestion that Iran might help Venezuela develop it's own "peaceful nukes program". If you were Brazil or probably started asking yourself how you would counter this. The US? I would have doubts that they can allow it to go past a certain point. This opens up an entire can of worms on what happens in Latin America with nuclear energy and possibly nuclear weapons.

Fourth and final, at the rate things are can forecast a nuclear weapon going off somewhere in the world within ten years. The question is....once it goes off.....this bring everyone back to reality or make them double their efforts to have their own nukes? This isn't the 1950s and I suspect that we are looking a period where nuke fallout might be something to get used to. Fallout shelters might actually make a comeback.