Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Promi-Love & Health Care

Word on the street today is that if the public won't buy the health career proposal deal from their Democratic senators or congressmen....or their President....then the heavyweights of Hollywood are being called in.

Apparently, President Obama is now going to call up Hollywood promis like actress Rosario Dawson and musician Will.I.Am, to help in the war to pass the health care deal.

There is some contest underway where supporters are supposed to be making up various 30 second commercials to be placed on the networks and sell the package next.

I sat there and pondered this a while. I couldn't really remember the last time that I took any Hollywood type least after John Wayne died.

It would appear that if a dumbass congressman or senator can't effectively get the message across and sell the product....and the public just isn't going to buy off with the President's charm anymore...then Hollywood and TV commercials will make the sell? Am I missing something here?

It would seem like that this is going to become a dead horse by mid-November and almost every single political figure in DC is going to pack up around the second week of November and just go home and rest. I don't think anything can pass after that point this year, and it'll be mid-January before the boys all come back from vacation.

The Hollywood angle sounds neat and keeps the boys out there busy and out of trouble because they really want to be part of some agenda. At some point, they will start to why no one is taking them serious as artists anymore...and the game will come to an abrupt end.