Thursday, 8 October 2009

The Door

As most of you know....I work around vaults. Today turned into an interesting day. At a vault where I rarely frequent....the boys had issues with the spin dial and opening mechanism.....for days. So they called the repair guy, and he spent three or four hours working on this. At some point, around four PM, he announced he wanted to test the door.

What you have to that there are two doors....the plain wood type with a minor entry procedure...and then the bank-vault type door. It was the bank-vault type door that was messed up.

The minute he announced he wanted to test the door....the guys in there got all peppy and grabbed their stuff....stepping outside the door. So the door closed and the dial spun.

The door never reopened. Yep, it would not open. You imagine this scene.....everyone guessing that it'd fail and leave them locked in the room. The thing is.....normally, there is a little trigger device inside which a guy locked inside could flip, and let himself out. But without anyone in there, no one was sure if it would have worked or not.

Fear of being locked in a vault area? Yeah....alot of us have that little fear. An hour in a locked up area is no big deal.....but four hours? No water. No toilet. You start to think about simple things. We're find out tomorrow what they had to do...luckily, no guy got stuck in the vault.