Friday, 9 October 2009

KMCC & My Five Predictions

After three weeks of full-up operations at Ramstein with the KMCC....I'm prepared to offer five predictions. For those not in the know....the KMCC is our super-duper mall-hotel complex....on Ramstein....all $350 million in concrete.

First, by mid-November....they will admit that parking is now a serious issue and a parking garage of some sort must be built. They will spend six months talking over the mess and by the spring.....finally start searching for funding. To be honest....from 1100 to 1300 each can pretty much forget about any parking around the place.

Second, the sports bar is barely pulling in a decent crowd for lunch. The food? Just above average at best. I'm predicting a menu shift by spring of 2010 and some drastic change to draw more people into the place.

Third, by spring of 2010.....the Chief Enlisted Adviser is going to create a morals patrol to halt the sexy hot lusty trampy dress of some wives in the place. I sat there this week...laughing over the dress (or lack of) from some gal.....she was a professional exhibitionist and this was just her daily "walk". The problem will be that the moral patrol might meet up with some trampy gal, who happens to know judo, and then get their ass kicked

Fourth, some wife will be busted for running a hooker deal out of the KMCC hotel.....with a couple of customers arranged in the evening and a couple arranged before check-out. The hotel manager will be shocked. Everyone will be asking how we can protect the morals of our folks on Ramstein.....and then wondering how they could contact such a gal for an hour.

Fifth, and final.....some gang fight will occur in the midst of the place, with a bunch of pretender crips and pretender bloods. The wing commander will get all upset and start a gang patrol to ensure gangs don't walk the hallways of the place.

Mind you.....I'm only predicting what will come.

I'm Up For the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize

I’ve decided to go ahead and place myself in the top running for the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize. I studied the concept of this year’s winner….announcing what he would hope to accomplish….and that was enough to win, so I’m hoping for similar luck.

I’m working in 2010 to bring world peace to Mexico, Brazil, Honduras, Tonga, East Saint Louis, and Amsterdam.

I’m working in 2010 to bring a safe and secure environment for school kids and dolphins.

I’m working in 2010 to make every school bus safe.

I’m working in 2010 to ensure that Smallville continues on TV.

I’m working in 2010 to ensure that the Green Bay Packers actually sign a decent quarterback.

I’m working in 2010 to ensure a safe 2016 Olympics in Rio….even though I know that 88 people are going to be assaulted and four will be dispatched to the pearly gates.

I’m working in 2010 to ensure that Pepsi doesn’t try to invent “New Generation Pepsi” and sour our precious drink.

I’m working in 2010 to ensure that Ford actually produces great cars….and not the crap that GM makes.

I’m working in 2010 to get Senator Reid reelected….even though I think he’s a loser and he ought to just retire.

I’m working in 2010 to get stop global warming. Yes, sure, right. Ok, I’ll eat less chili and only bar-b-q forty-four times next summer.

I’m working in 2010 to bring Pabst Blue Ribbon beer to the poor people of the world. They deserve a good cheap beer just as much as the folks in Bama.

Finally, I am taking the position of eliminating all nuclear weapons from the US arsenal….five times over. I’ll even eliminate David Hasselhof from American TV, if it helps me wing the Nobel Peace Prize.

So there, I think my well intended actions are sufficient to gain access to this neat and fantastic club. Whether or not I accomplish any of these….really doesn’t matter. It’s the idea that I said I would start these….that matters. After all… works for one guy…so it ought to work for me too.

Sexism in Discharges?

So the LA Times published an interesting article….related to the US military.

Women are apparently more likely than men to be kicked out of the military for gayness…. under the "don't ask, don't tell" policy…..than men.

Naturally, some folks wanted to say this number reflects sexism in the armed forces.

Apparently, the numbers say that women “accounted for 15% of all active-duty and reserve members of the military but more than a third of the 619 people discharged last year because of their sexual orientation”.

They even went on to discuss the Air Force numbers where 61 percent of the gays kicked out in 2008….were women but then they only represent twenty percent of the total Air Force numbers.

Reasoning? Well…..there is this researcher….. Nathaniel Frank of UC Santa Barbara's Palm Center…..who says that he thinks that part of the reason is that homosexuality is more common among women in the service than among men.

I sat and paused over these numbers. Numbers are numbers….sometimes, they mean little to nothing.

I will offer a bit of analysis after thirty years in the Air Force. Frankly, women are more likely to be revengeful than men. Yes, there, I said it.

So in my mind, it’s more than just a small chance…that if you got into a relationship with some gal off-base….and things broke up….that she’d come to report you or find some method of dropping your name to the Air Force.

There are three events that I witnessed over thirty years that brings out this topic. In one case, there was a female Major who had almost 19.5 years in the Air Force…and some former “friend” decided to drop her name to the commander. The commander looked at the circumstance…and had to go through the various investigations required. He really didn’t care to mess with someone who was six months from retirement. So he covered each base and just at the point when the Major was 60 days out from retirement and could start terminal leave….he ended the whole mess and said there wasn’t enough evidence to continue on. She retired as a major and walked out the door.

I watched another event where a junior female NCO dumped her former “friend” and within 48 hours….found herself reported by the “friend”. The AF couldn’t find anyone else who actually worked with the female NCO who suggested anything against her. Eventually, they came to dump the case because of lack of evidence as well.

So a word of warning….to women in the military….you have a higher chance of being in trouble because of your “friend”. Don’t ask why….it’s a revenge factor that most guys apparently don’t have to worry about. So when you finally decide to dump that “friend”….start thinking about how they take things. If they like or enjoy revenge….you just might have a problem.