Friday, 16 October 2009

Jefferson versus the Nobel Logic

Amongst all the chit-chat over the Nobel Peace Prize episode...two legal scholars jumped up this week and said it might be unconstitutional for President Obama to accept the Nobel Peace Prize...noting if Congress gave their approval, then it'd all be fine.

Course, this draws out a mess of arguing amongst legal pretenders, White House dimwits, and journalists without much news to report. The deal from the Constitution is that it does forbid the President from taking things from Kings, Queens, princes, Lords, and kinda limits what you could get as a gift from another government.

The thing is...the Nobel a private group of dudes and they don't truly fit into any Constitutional argument.

I'm guessing Jefferson never envisioned something like this...a bunch of Norwegian guys having any kind of big-name award to hand some President. And he probably never envisioned some US President packing up a suitcase and traveling off to Norway to wine and dine with a bunch of Norwegian elite folks. If he had....he might have pulled out the pen to write one more paragraph....and we might have some funny rule over Nobel prizes.