Saturday, 17 October 2009

When Baptists Argue

It is a odd story which you won't find on Fox or CNN or in most newspapers. This week....the former president of the National Baptist Convention USA...stood up and started a lawsuit with his old denomination...over the election he lost.

The NBC USA group is a black denomination...and they had an election about a month ago....and the old President....Henry tossed out....4,108 votes to 924.

Henry least in this lawsuit....the whole election was rigged. Yep....kinda like a 2000 GW versus Gore or 2004 GW versus John K election. So election fraud and improper vote-counting were rampant, so he says.

Henry kinda has a up and down problem within the NBC USA group....ten years ago...he was accused of abusing power and stealing church funds. Not alot came out of that accusation except a bunch of chit-chat from the pro-Henry and the anti-Henry crowd.

This lawsuit? Well....I'm guessing that the anti-Henry folks might be slightly worried...especially if Henry comes up with a couple of witnesses say tampering in the voting occurred. Maybe some votes here and some votes there....were shifted. It's hard to come up and cook up 2,000 vote ensure a absolute win. And then you have to worry that anti-Henry folks will come up with witnesses to establish a number of the 924 votes of Henry's....were tampered votes.

It's a curious event...when religious folks sit and argue over internal elections. Typically, no one wins.

More Bears Than You Can Imagine

It was a devastating moment.

Al Gore had come to the heartland this past pump up folks over global warming. The fact that this was in Madison, WI.....and it was freezing cold even for October....should have been a sign....but Al didn't really notice it.

So here stood Irish filmmaker Phelim McAleer. He finally a chance to ask a question or two....about the polar bear population....and how how Al could honestly conclude that they are an endangered species.

Al stood there for a second and basically said: "So you don't believe that polar bears are endangered?"

Phelim kinda answered as gently and as sincere as he possibly could: "Not if their numbers are increasing".

With that, the boys of Madison cut the power to the Irish dude's mic. You can't have fundamental debate....when Al is talking. If you were a scientist....with actual credentials or actual training as are have to allow debate.

But Al can't risk debate. It renders his vision as incomplete and without concrete evidence.

Just Observations

Sometimes, I ponder a good bit over a week.

Just an observation, but if you asked a senator about a $250 million tax fee increase....he's all happy and indicates that it's really not that much. Then you turn to a guy in Red Bay, Bama and say you intend to take $200 more a year in taxes from him....and suddenly it's a ton of money and he's not happy. Whats the difference between $250 million and $200? Thats the thing....either way, it ought to be alot of money.

Just an observation, typically, folks don't care who owns a NFL team....just that they win. This week, we learned that the owner shouldn't be Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck or any other guy that might be right-wing. Course, if the team is a loser.....that's ok, apparently.

Just an observation, but it seems like every third journalist in America wants to compare someone to the Nazis. This would actually be ok if the journalist had a history background, but typically....they can't describe the 1932 Nazi party in any detail or what they stood for. They can always mention Hitler but the ten guys behind Hitler are rarely if ever mentioned by these brilliant journalists.

Just an observation, if you were the White House team....and your biggest concern was image and fighting Fox News.....would you really want to admit that in public? I have real business to attend to....and not press fighting or press manipulation.....right?

Just an observation, but this Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Phoenix, who is always in the news catching illegal aliens......have you ever heard anything about the catching any bank robbers or car thieves? I ten years of news on the seems like he's a one-topic law enforcement guy....or is regular law enforcement just never reported in the Phoenix news?

Just an observation....but after a week of false Rush Limbaugh quotes on CNN and MSNBC....over his NFL football team purchasing attempt.....if you were a journalists on CNN and used bogus quotes....wouldn't you be worried? I mean....a lawsuit could erupt, and you might end up having to say a bunch of nice things about avoid paying the guy and your own defense lawyer $300k.

Just an observation....but after five days of straight positive news in Honduras over great talks underway and the old President being allowed to had to expect things to fold up. Yesterday, the old President suspended everything....saying that nothing much was being offered. Really? The guy violated the national consitution and anticipates a free pass? I don't get it.

Just an observation....but some hints in the universal health care debate noted that enforced wellness and pre-treatment will become an issue. What does it mean? Well....if you weigh 275 pounds, you are a candidate sooner or later for diabetes. So naturally.....government pressure will be extended to you to lose weight. Should we expect otherwise? The amusing thing is that every part of life is going to be debated over the next ten years....from smoking to drinking. We all thought free health care was neat....until the drinking habits got challenged.

Just an observation....but this big uproar with Jon and Kate? Am I missing something over this reality show soap opera in the US? Do I really care? If Jon walked into my house today....would I even recognize the guy? Seems like their fifteen minutes of fame.....has gone turbo.....and they are working on five years of fame...more or less.

The Ballon Crap

I rarely pay attention to stupid stories in the US. I did however....view this entire balloon boy story from this week.

So, here's the thing....this father is financially pushed and stressed.....and just how does he come up with the money for this stupid balloon? It wasn't a cheap deal and I can't imagine a guy pulling out this cash and doing something like this. Add onto the fact that if a kid weighed 60 pounds.....I doubt seriously that this sized balloon would have ever taken off from the ground.

So frankly, this entire episode is bogus. I won't write an entire pondering or 50 different points of's worthless. The story is bogus.

Just Our Marginal Analysts

So in the past week....someone finally came up to the CIA folks and asked how the 2007 report they issued on Iran....saying that they weren't a real nuclear threat can exist? Naturally, the CIA guys stood there.....grinning ear from ear....and acting goofy.

A pause here, to review what history exists on this. In 2007, with the White House in full speed ahead mood on Iran.....the CIA guys had this trend line.....nuclear weapons and missiles on a trend. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, they wrote a report that said that it would be years before Iran ever became a threat and the US should step back from it's high intensity episode.

This basically took the whole Bush administration down a step and was a shocker. The CIA stood around and was awful proud of their report.

So in the past two months....we've learned that Iran had various programs going on and their entire nuclear and missile development stage is way more advanced that publicly advertised. The President even made a big speech on this.

This week, we learned via the Wall Street Journal (the biggest damn paper in America now)....that CIA likely knew in 2007 that all of these current programs were going on. There is strong belief that certain officers in the CIA wanted to knock the administration's stance and correct matters. The boys sat there....and basically wrote a bogus report.

I write occasionally about the marginal analysis out of the CIA. They tend to be guys with attitudes and perceptions. Sometimes, they actually get things right.....but the rest of the's a marginal analysis.

So imagine the chief of the CIA now standing there....with the same analysts this week.....and asking them how they can correct the 2007 report on Iran. The boys are grinning at each other....and avoiding any real commentary. The boss can see through their entire game. He knows whatever 2009 report comes out of this.....will have issues.....will be different....but likely miss the boat again. He can't really fire them....he can't really move them to another department....and he can't get them to retire. He's stuck with these dimwits.

And back in Iran? They are sitting there and wondering just how stupid the CIA really is. They probably even go over to the local CIA spy and ask him if he's really passing data back to the agency on schedule...if he's been sick or just missing out on great data. They probably are starting to think that they could get away with just about anything....if it wasn't for those dang French or Israel spy guys.

Thank You, In Advance

There was an interesting commentary this week from some forum I was reading....about how President Obama would write the acceptance speech for the Nobel Peace Prize. It actually would be a very difficult task.

The award, even by the judges own about actions yet to come. Imagine sitting there and writing a speech....thanking the judges for an award for things yet to come.

In roughly nine months.....there aren't any four-star successes to currently base the award on. The dismissal of the missile defense shield in Europe.....actually came and went....then the same US government announces that Iran has more nuclear activity than folks dreamed of.

When it came time to discuss the nuclear activity....rather than solid was mostly chit-chat and UN speeches.

Peace in the Middle East? Hasn't happened and probably won't happen during the next eight years (maybe until hell freezes over).

North Korea? Lets not even discuss that's mostly a joke.

So it's a hard speech. You want to indicate you have many miles to go.....a great mission in front of you....and walking a thin line. It's a speech about the future....NOT the past. Maybe that sells in Norway....I don't know. In the'd be a speech that you'd kinda like to make and then quickly forget. I'm guessing that this won't be in the President's top ten favorite speeches.

Justice of the Peace Problem

In Louisiana, they still run the justice of the peace program....mostly to marry folks. This past week, a justice of the peace popped up in a marriage situation with a white gal and a black dude. The minute the JOP realized the situation, he declined to be the JOP to marry them. His logic? He has seen these marriages come and go....the majority end in divorce. He didn't care to participate in a marriage deal that had huge chances of a divorce.

Naturally, this is a huge deal and most folks are demand the JOP step down.....even the governor (a Republican) has voiced concerns over the JOP's attitude.

I pondered over this for a while and offer the following observation.

Basically, in 2009....the odds of any marriage surviving twenty pretty much less than fifty percent. It doesn't matter if you are white and black, Latino and Asian, gay guy and gay guy, Russian hooker and rich dumb white guy, or even two Democrats (male and female). You can pick any doesn't matter.

I've seen black and white relationships and marriages. Typically....ninety percent are black guys and white gals. In the military, you probably see more than in regional situations. I'd say the divorce rate is virtually the same in this scenario. The curious thing is that when you can find a black gal that marries a white's a virtually locked-in marriage and I have yet to find a divorce situation. It probably exists.....but it's a fairly rare thing.

I can understand the JOP's attitude and hating to create a quick marriage where two folks will be divorced in five years. I worked with some young lady who decided that her 3-month relationship with some black guy was "it", and she married him. The trip back to her hometown the next month....became a huge problem. Her dad simply couldn't accept this situation, and she had several insults tossed by high school friends (she was just four years out of high school). The marriage lasted about twelve months....and she would hint that it was always more pressure than she could conceive.

In the end....if I were a JOP....I'd just marry folks left and right. If they were that stupid....they are over 18 and deserve a screw-up or two, to learn from. It's not my case to pronounce my own law on things.