Friday, 30 October 2009

Seven Little Letters

The statistical possibility?

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger denied at the White House Friday that he had intentionally sent a letter to state legislators containing a hostile, coded message.

Speaking with reporters after an appearance with Vice President Biden to tout a new report claiming the stimulus created or saved 1 million jobs, Schwarzenegger said it was purely an accident that his office had sent out a letter in which the first letters of each line combined to spell: "F-ck you."

"That was a total coincidence," he said, insisting: "It was one of those wild coincidences."

About one in forty-four billion (my numbers). This came compliments of Politico.

I paused over this. You can't arrange a seven-letter combination like this...without effort. It simply doesn't happen.

A wild coincidence? No.

My Urine Test

As part of my new employment deal...I have to take a urine drug test. So yesterday....just as I was walking out of the office for a dental appointment...."Bill" called....wanting to get me in for this drug test. I said sure...where and when. His deal....for me to drive down to Mannheim (45-minute drive) and meet at the food court of the BX there. I said sure. So this morning....I left for Mannheim at 0800.

I pulled into the BX parking lot at Ben Franklin village...and noted no cars in front of the BX, and maybe ten cars in front of the Popeye's Chicken shop to the side. So I walked over and found just one or two guys sitting there in Popeye's....sipping coffee but now matching Bill's description with the Bass Pro Shop hat.

So I pulled out my cellphone and called Bill. He answered and said I'd have to wait a minute....he had another guy in the Popeye's bathroom....doing a urine sample with him.

By this point, the Popeye's guys were eyeballing me....figuring I wanted some coffee, but I declined....saying I was waiting on some guy.

A minute or two passed....and some guy walked out. I entered the Popeye's bathroom.

Here was the Bass Pro Shop hat. We chatted ever so slightly...he pulls out the sample cup and gives me the three instructions. I proceed to step up and "deliver".

We wrapped up this business...I signed a form...and thanked Bill for his assistance in this.

I stepped out, and another guy was lined up for his sample deal. Across the way....the Popeye's guys were eyeballing this. You can get a feel for their impression...a bunch gay guys showing up at Popeye's at 9AM.

I went over and got a paper...and left Mannheim as quickly as possible.

I hope these DC guys have a better urine testing site.