Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Election Day?

Basically, it was a lousy day if you were a Democrat....but you could claim you won in some fashion (it might take four shots of Jacky D's but you could say that somehow).

Basically, the independents have gone back to the middle. For election planning in 2010....this is not what you wanted to hear if you were Harry Reid or the President.

The health plan? Suspended for the most part, I think and brought back up in January with a very vanilla program. They need to this pass....and even if is a lousy weak health won't matter. They need closure on this for 2010.

The changing of the chairs? Yes, Hillary leaves in Jan/Feb, and I think John Kerry will step in. Count up another one or two folks who will leave.

The Supreme Court dance? Yes.....another guy will retire and this will be a period to help heal the independents with a moderate judge.

A major stimulus bill? Yes....figure a $750 check for every couple by May of 2010. It's virtually guaranteed and will float up the Wal-Mart crowd real quick to be pro-Democrat...for about 30 days.

Fairness Doctrine? Yes....they need to bring Rush down at all costs. But here's the deal.....satellite radio will save SIRI and its satellite capability will jump by 1,000 percent as tons of into satellite radio.

Finally, Fox News. It must be stopped at all cost. They need massive sexual scandal, corruption, and virtually every single trick in the book to stop Fox. Beck can't be allowed to continue.

So folks, it's election time.....all over again.....and the President stays in campaign mode for all of 2010. Pretty neat.....for a Nobel Peace Prize think?

If the President fails? Well....count up a Republican-controlled house.....and 44 Republican senators....with Joe Lieberman as their 45th vote. It'll be a lousy 2011 period....with nothing accomplished.