Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Just a Friendly Alien Visit

Not that most folks in Bama would care...but the Vatican stood up this week and had an interesting meeting. Basically....they wanted to study the possibility of extraterrestrial alien life. Then, since they were the sponsor....they wanted to know the implication for the Catholic Church, if there were such life.

For the Catholic Church....this is a discussion with serious implications. If Novo the Alien least half the congregation for every Catholic Church is going to go up to the priest within days and ask how this all fits into church doctrine. Frankly, the church had better things to worry about for the past 2,000 years. So this alien question is a curve for the guys to grasp and try to work up a clear statement for their membership.

I'm guessing at the end....they will conclude that the likelihood is pretty high that we will eventually prove some other beings exist. And the church will quietly work up a question and answer piece for the Pope to have and be prepared for the 'big' day. It could be a year away.....or five hundred years away....but they probably are past the point of saying 'it'll never happen'.

The key feature to this Q&A piece for the Pope? Seize on the moment and announce that the Vatican will seek to convert all the aliens over to their group.

You can imagine the Baptist guys sitting around this weekend.....the big-name guys are all thinking....dang, we need to meet and discuss this situation. So they'll rig up some Baptist-alien meeting....probably in New Orleans.....probably a five-day meeting where various discussion groups will take on the serious topic. Naturally, only two or three guys will be in each group, with the rest out on the bar district and handling strip shows. At the end....the Baptists will have the same concept.....seize the moment and convert all these aliens to being Baptists....and make sure their counties are anti-alcohol.

Eventually, all of these religious groups....even the snake handlers and the Islam guys....will come to this conclusion. Converting will be priority number one.

I feel kinda sorry for those woeful aliens finally coming to visit Earth....all those damn religious nuts coming to convert them and they weren't expecting something like that. They just might jump back into the ship and head back home.

Just a Healthy Consumption Rate

Some interesting news that you won't find in the local or state paper...nor hear much of on any of the "news" channels, regarding carbon, C02, and global warming. The boys at Bristol University have been busy, and they've basically concluded that the balancing line between airborne and the absorption fraction of C02....has stayed the same since 1850.

In basic terms? We toss around dramatic emissions of C02, at a rate of 2 billion tons a year in 35 billion tons a year today...and this damn Earth kept the balancing line at the same rate. Frankly, it shouldn't have been that way...if the wannabe environmentalists were correct in their various analysis and computer models.

This means that the trees, shrubs, grass, and oceans...have the ability to absorb C02 to a huge capacity....that no one would have expected.

Here's the fascinating part of this study...they did it....without any complex climate models. Fascinating? They used actual data and real statistics.....some all the way from Antarctic ice.

You would think the climate control guys...the environmentalists....the men of Earthly knowledge.....would all be awful happy, and ready to pursue other worrisome factors like meteors hitting Earth, aliens visiting the Earth, or Volcanoes....but no....they came right back with a question...they now want to know why the proportion being absorbed hasn't changed. Every rule in their book says it should have.

In a way....they may have a point. Logically, you would think that things have a certain path, a certain feed rate, a certain consumption rate....and that it can't vary much. In this had to vary alot. But in the fashion that you could have a dozen catfish in some tank....toss them the normal amount of food....and then double it up over a year.....they'd likely consume the extra food and simply put on extra weight. Logically, there is some magical point where they won't consume more than X amount. The question here much can the Earth consume and how far away are we from that point?