Thursday, 19 November 2009

Moving to the "Stan"

I have been advised that I may have to change a bit in adjusting to America….kinda like moving to a third-world country, you know. So I sat and looked over the crime, the mayhem, the shootings, and the adventurous nature of Arlington.

I’ve come now to rename it to Arlington-stan (after Pakistan, Afghanistan, or any of those other funny “stan” countries). Apparently, there are tribal leaders, war lords, and charity workers running operations there. Across the river, into DC-stan, are the Mullahs (senators and congressmen) who run operations there.
Media people come and interview the Mullahs daily….reporting back through to Arlington-stan and the surrounding region.

Roving bands of bandits operate from the Arlington-stan. You have to watch for them and keep yourself safe by traveling mostly in daylight hours or within convoys.

The War Lords of Arlington-stan have a fee and tax system to make enough money to cover their operations in the region. You can’t avoid it….either via cars, gas tax, car registration or pay income you make in the region….you pay.

As I arrive in Arlington-stan….I’ll try to report daily over the operations and counter-operations going on. It’s not worth an entire blog-site but I’m sure it’ll be exciting and give me a totally new prospective of a third-world country.