Friday, 20 November 2009

The Fort Hood Shooter's Charity?

As if we needed to know more about the Fort Hood shooter….today, we found out that while the guy was making almost $90k a year as a major in the US Army…..he was donating almost $30k of that….to Islamic “charities”….which we can go ahead and admit that they were mostly conduits to terrorist networks.

So when I wondering why the guy was living in a $350 a month apartment there at Fort Hood….it’s now obvious why.

The Twinkie Robber

So a note from our Ramstein cop blotter.

On November 11th….around 0830 in the morning….the military cops got called out to ROB (the Army post)….to the BX facility out there….a small shop.

Apparently, a window was left open or found open.

So the BX folks and the cops check it out. So far, the only item missing? A box of twenty Hostess Twinkies. Yes, twenty Twinkies.

It’s a serious crime of sorts….which makes one ponder the event and the situation that developed after the robbery. Somewhere out there….in the evening hours….was some guy or gal (probably a guy because most women won’t touch a Twinkie….preferring instead a Lil Debbie or Cinnamon Cake). They are on some sugar rush and probably sipping a Dr Pepper or Tab while they eat their Twinkies.

I suggested to a co-worker….it might be a senior Air Force NCO….which invited a laugh or two.

So, what may transpire now…is a locked container within the facility….where the Ding Dongs, the Twinkies, and the Lil Debbies will be safely secured each evening.

The curious thing is that not one single beer was taken. Thirty years ago…..with a open window….dozens of cases of beer would have been taken and finished off by daybreak. Today, they steal Twinkies. It’s sad…really sad….with today’s military.