Monday, 23 November 2009

Innocent Yet Guilty, Only in America

It was an amusing moment today…..from the KSM crew….due to make the NY City civilian trial.

The five guys facing court….will plead not guilty….but then turn around and air hours upon hours of criticisms of US foreign policy. This is the plan laid out by the lawyers in the case.

At this point, I started laughing….all of these guys would turn around and NOT deny any part of their pole in the 2001 WTC attack. They would use the whole case….to explain what happened and why the US deserves to be “punished”.

If I were a jury member….after about five minutes of this behavior….I’d write a two-line note to the judge: “We are here to judge the guilt or innocence of these gentlemen. Basically, they are now admitting their complete and absolute guilt. I don’t need to sit here for hours or days or weeks listening to this. Either end their chit-chat session, or I’ll walk out of the jury in ten minutes”.

I’m guessing the judge will want to drag me off to get a minute of stern counseling….but this is about show….and nothing else. Eric Holder knew this….these idiots know this….and the media will know this. Why waste time? If you hint for a moment that you did the thing….I don’t care why you did it.

Synergistic Power

Most of the time...when I do a religious's on the Baptist. They usually do alot to earn it. Today...I'm dumping on the Lutherans.

Over the past month or two...the big guys in the Lutheran "corporate" headquarters woke up and realized that the recession and the anti-gay feeling in Lutheran congregations to withhold their support....have added up.

The Lutheran management team has decided now that it's got to reduce it's budget by 10 percent and terminate 40 full-time positions.

Somewhere...between the heartland and the national Lutheran church...there is this disconnect of sorts....where some church members are simply lessening their finanical support....over things they disagree with. The national guys? They are standing there and mostly looking at other things to blame at this point...and hoping that the recession is the only real problem.

The truth be known....this national church idea of accepting gays and lesbians entirely....and making a public statement about this....was thought to be the wave of the future. The national guys felt....they could sell this and the congregations would eventually buy it.

After the last round of budget discussios...the leadership kinda went to a new message format that needed to be put to the congregations. The sells point? A wider church with more members.

One of the council members involved in this new sells strategy...suggested that educating folks on the church and the mission needs are critical....and then he said:
"Mission support funds — those coming from congregations to support synod and churchwide ministries — have "synergistic power".

" synod and churchwide ministries — have "synergistic power".

What ministers do you know...from any religion....that would utter "synergistic"?

Can you imagine Jesus uttering "synergistic"?

Can you sit there and imagine asking a hundred Lutherans what the heck "synergistic" means, and getting this blank look?

The Lutherans have a problem...but they might want to pull out their Bible and see where anyone ever wrote about "synergistic". If they can't find anyone...then ask themselves why.