Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Lonely Folks Syndrome

It was a rather unusual story....a bunch of smart guys....from Chicago, Harvard and California University found that lonely folks desire to spread out their negative and pessimistic view on life to other folks. Then, as if by magic....this bunch of negative folks....become lonely and disconnected....thus hanging out at the outer ring of society.

I read this and thought.....heck, these guys get paid to analyze and this was something “new” that they suddenly found?

I’ve known this for twenty-odd years. I would have told them this for five bucks and a can of Pepsi.

Naturally, what the analysts finally came to that loneliness is directly related to an interesting number of mental and physical diseases...that shorten life. So if you identify these guys....then get to treatment....they live longer.

At this point, you start to realize...more customers for national health care. You would pick up Lonely Larry or Miserable Mary.....and get them all peppy and live longer. Called it forced happiness or enforced life skills....but the boys want to “help” you.

I was curious about how you’d find the statistics for such a report....and the boys admitted they used a area of about 5,000 people from the Farmingham area of Massachusetts.

When they came to the end....the data collected....pointed out that lonely people "infected" the happy folks around them with this element of loneliness. The curious that they started to look at people and their neighbors....noting how a lonely guy infected one neighbor, and then they started to spend less and less time together.

Finally, the data also showed that women apparently need more emotional support than guys....and they were also more likely to catch loneliness than men.

I pondered over this data and final report. Frankly, I can sit there and feel a person with negativity as quickly as I can watch CNN and feel a bogus story.

The analysts are correct....people want you to feel their negative situation and then take up the pessimistic view that they have. For some reason, I’ve found myself in such situations and toss up an “Andy” shield. Pessimistic people hate Andy Griffith. Andy is a persuasive soul who wants to twist a negative situation long enough...and hard enough...that some point of optimism suddenly starts to dawn on folks.

Stoicism hasn't died or gone onto heaven. Once you fall into the stoic learn to accept the woes of life and simply move on. You fix what you can fix, and then accept the rest as part of the deal in life. You can't sit in a pit of woes for the rest of your life. This is what the "Andy" shield does for you.

So I sat amazed that these university folks suddenly woke up and realized this...but it really isn't anything new. What might be noted for those of you figuring this out...these woeful folks aren't anchors...they can be dragged along and forced to laugh at the happenings in life. Frankly, there are no laws to prevent you from dragging these folks along....dumping a bunch of "Andy" down their throat.