Saturday, 5 December 2009

To Perk Up Your Day

It'll bring tears to your eyes....Sweet Home Alabama...with a Mariachi band.

The Air Force Screw-Up of the Week

It was an interesting week. The Air Force came out with a "sudden" rule on tattoo's. Absolutely no tattoos on your saluting hand (the right one of course). There wasn't much of a warning....just that it was now totally unacceptable.

A curious thing happened. A bunch of young punks.....on their way to basic training for scheduled basic training....suddenly got stopped at the local recruiting centers. They had unacceptable tattoos. By the end of the week....the Air Force began to realize that dozens upon dozens of folks who were scheduled for basic training.....weren't being allowed to proceed. Questions arose now over their status....the contracts became questionable....and the folks were voicing the idea of not proceeding at all.

So by the end of the week....this grand directive on no tattoos on the saluting arm.....suddenly went up in smoke.

You can't have empty buses pull up to basic training or twenty people per day just canceled out because of some tattoo rule episode.

The Army has a pretty liberal can even have tattoos on your neck.....and they don't care. The Air Force has had issues for almost a decade now......and keeps coming up with very precise, scientific, measurable means of controlling tattoos. You almost get to a point of wondering where they find the management team to write these rules and then provide guidance.

A salute, for those unfamiliar with military merely a means of one professional recognizing another professional. It dates back hundreds and hundreds of years.

The plain truth? Tattoos used to be a non-issue in the Air Force. I can remember in the late might have three guys out of eighty in a squadron with a tattoo. Rarely did you ever have any females with tattoos. And you didn't ever think much of it.

At some point in the early 1990s.....the big game of tattoos took off. Today....there are probably sixty folks out of eighty in a squadron.....who have a tattoo of some type. Piercings? Probably twenty out of the eighty have some piercing on some part of the body.

The guys with issues? Well....lets be honest....the guys making these wise decisions are all forty-year old men with a fairly conservative background and they don't like any challenges to simplicity. But these are the same guys who were have problems if in a combat environment and some airman came up to salute them and he had dry blood on his saluting hand.....they'd quickly correct the guy and ask him to wash off the blood.

These same folks often worry about things which don't have a bearing on the mission or wartime success. In the need people who are willing to do bad, nasty, and dangerous's not for wussies. Finding these people.....then putting up various weight standards, then educational standards, then ethical standards, and finally tattoo standards...starts to filter out alot of folks.....which might be not be the wisest of choices.

Bama Snow

There is a fact of life while living in rarely snows. In an average might get two or three snowfalls in the northern part of the state....almost always inch or less. Typically, it never snows before January. Right now, there is a strong prediction out for central Bama to have around one inch of snow by Saturday morning. The kindly folks up in the northern part of the state might get a few flurries.....but they end up messing most of this.

It's early December....and this is a bit unusual. You might have to got back a couple of decades to find snow this early....and this far south.

For folks in the region who had hopes over global warming....this might be a hindrance to some of their beliefs.