Thursday, 17 December 2009


Really, An Expert?

Back in my youth….at Rhein Main Air Base….we had a term which got to be regularly used….”barracks lawyers”. There were always a weekly tirade with the commander and his use of legal powers. Up until the mid-70s, the quality of enlisted guys always weighed more on folks naive nature and limited in knowledge. At some point….folks began to appear, who were a bit smarter than the Air Force leadership imagined.

As months went by…in the barracks….these “barracks lawyers” began to dispense legal advice. As the months went by….their expertise grew and they actually became smarter than the idiot public defenders that the Air Force hired as legal help for enlisted. The commander and his staff always harped on the “barracks lawyers” and their misguided efforts. At some point in the early 1980s….I came to realize that they were gaining in expertise and getting folks smarter day by day.

A couple of years ago….I began to note on CNN international….that their so-called “experts” were starting to say things that weren’t entirely true.

I’m not a rocket scientist. I don’t hold a degree in environmental science. I never attended any classes on Wall Street banking. I didn’t ever sit in a class on airline safety.

Lately, I’ve been noticing....week after week on from experts over global warming and climate control. Out of every ten things they announce or cite....I realize that two of these are totally false or misleading. I’m not the expert on TV, but I know enough. The curious thing though....I keep wondering about the other eight items they spoke about and just how true those things might or might not be.

As for financial news analysts? I find the same problem. They jump up and get all peppy about certain stock, but then you go and review actual reports and find some of the information given....was misleading.

Sports analysis? For every two bits of information given by some statement is either false, misleading or simply misunderstood.

Larry King? It’s gotten to a point where the show is strictly a public relations show for any idiot with a problem. They advertise their situation or problem....and then you start to ask really stupid questions to yourself....which Larry never seems to ask.

NPR? Their chief source of figuring out how to tell half a story...and leave you hanging over the missing parts.

The bottom line? We are quietly getting smarter and realizing the lack of content in news. We actually are asking ourselves a question or two....grasping how weak an article is or how poor an interview is being performed. The sad thing....some journalists are going to be proclaimed something less than a journalists....and may have to find a job with Woolworths or Piggly Wiggly.

Copenhagen (The End?)

So why is the Copenhagen climate deal falling apart? If you watch CNN....they will do their best just to say issues could not be resolved but never go into any detail.
So allow me to lay out the one and only issue.

As the climate dudes blasted out to the media the terrible consequences of global warming...and the media went to the four corners of the earth....they came to ultra poor countries and island republics.....with the dire future comments. And then they mentioned that free money was going to come to them....via this entire global warming agreement with the ultra rich countries.

Call it climate welfare or doesn’t was welfare for being poor.

So there were great expectations of hundreds of billions to be split amongst dozens of ultra poor countries.

But here we are in a dire economic period....and the dimwits running all of these peppy rich countries who did all the talking for the past five years about a new treaty and all this free money for poor cannot find this revenue to make the hundreds of billions happen.

Even the US is in this dire mess where free money can’t be gained from the public for this welfare scheme. You can’t even drag Bush’s name out into this discussion anymore.

So the ultra rich countries kinda agreed weeks and weeks ago that the 5-star offering simply wouldn’t work....and they built this conference in such a ensure that some money still got offered but it didn’t even meet the half-way point of what poor countries were expecting.

So there is a total negative feeling by all of these poor countries over this welfare deal. It’s not fair....they are dying....their islands are going to disappear....and life will be miserable for them. They believed the stories and the media....and have yet to ever ask any stupid questions.

Now....if they really wanted to make this interesting....tell the climate conference that you really aren’t interested in any more just want a free ticket and free rich countries within twenty-five years. This would naturally fix the terrible woes of these poor countries and allow them to escape the terrible water as it rises across their islands and lands. The climate guys will probably freak out over such a suggestion because it defeats the whole welfare system they are devising.

So as the CNN guys sit there for an entire hour....chatting over nothing and never explaining why the conference failed (because they can’t blame it on Bush anymore).....this is the real bottom line. Welfare is welfare....up until it’s not enough welfare.